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Upcountry Farmers Market – Pukalani, Maui

Upcountry Farmer's Market Maui Pukalani After attending the Maui Swap Meet last Saturday, the Upcountry Farmer’s Market, near the Long’s in Pukalani, was quite literally, a refreshing experience (and by this, I mean it’s cooler.  It’s also smaller, so it’s easier to quickly get in and out with two kids).   While it’s not exactly fair to compare a ‘swap meet’ and a ‘farmers market’, here are my unscientific, rushing through with two kids comparisons.

The Maui Swap Meet, located in Kahului at the UH Maui College, is large, with a bit of everything, from produce stands to soaps, jams and jellies, shave ice, food trucks, art, clothes and trinkets.  There’s pretty much something for everyone, whether it’s 2/$5 necklaces for your 5 year old daughter, or really nice jewelry for your mother’s birthday. There are some excellent crafters and items, if you have time to peruse all the booths.  The admission fee is reasonable (50 cents), and there’s ample parking, but it can be quite hot and sunny (bring a hat and water – or, you can buy them of course!)

We attended Upcountry Farmer’s Market yesterday, on the market’s third anniversary, which was our first experience, so while the regulars found it a bit busy, we didn’t have a hard time finding parking, and the crowds weren’t too bad to easily peruse all the items and chat with the sellers.  Its a much smaller market (i have no idea how many were at either, but I’d estimate 30-ish upcountry, with over 100 at the swap meet) with a nice variety of produce (each seemed clearly labeled with ‘organic, pesticide-free or conventional), herbs, plants and flowers, food, fresh fish (whole and filleted- sold by the actual fisherman), and a limited selection of gifts and crafts.  It was much also cooler upcountry, with just enough cloud cover and a light breeze to keep it very comfortable.  Here were some of the day’s finds:

A Farm Stand by Roots + Wings 

A Selection of baked goods, including gluten-free options and some truly delicious bakalava by Lilia Biniaris

Vegan Cupcakes by Baked by Amy, who alternates between the two Saturday Markets, so check out her Facebook page to find these yummy treats:

Cupcakes by Baked by Amy at Maui Market

Cupcakes by Baked by Amy – vegan with gluten-free options

and a whole host of other fun stuff:

One more delicious find was the fruit candies by Maui Fruit Jewels, which has a great website and online shop, and an interesting enough story that they may get one of their own posts!  Check it out and let me know what you think.

maui fruit jewels

Maui Fruit Jewels

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