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Fun and Furniture in Kahului!

milega hawaii bean bags and furniture maui There’s a new beanbag and specialty children’s goods/ home decor store on Maui that I just have to tell you about!

Milega was founded 20 years ago in Israel and its grown to a successful brand with 10 stores in Israel and several franchises around the world.

“What started out as a quest to find the most comfortable slouching chair/sofa/bean bag/etc… turned out to be a life full of colors, creativity, laughs and learning.”

maui furniture and bean bags

Colorful and Fun (and washable!) furniture items for your whole house!

It has now been brought to Maui, in the company’s first franchise in the US, by Ayelet and Omi Chamdi.  Ayelet shared, “I am so in love with this product!  I spent three weeks in their warehouse in Israel and I couldn’t pick which items I wanted, so I just brought them all here!” Come check out what she means – there are fun little (and BIG!) treasures to be found all over their cute and colorful showroom! Just be careful sitting down, you may never leave!

sensory hammocks hawaii The store, located on Hukilike in Kahului, is filled with bean bags, activity mats, sensory hammocks, pillows, iPad-holders, baby wraps, baby neck holders, outdoor tents and MORE!   All of the covers are removable and washable.  And they are filling all of the items here on Maui, so you don’t even have to wait to receive custom orders!


heart shaped pillows

Heart-Shaped pillows, ipad and book holders, and much more, all ready to be given as gifts!

This is the perfect place to fill your playroom, pick up a gift for a baby shower, or check out a wide range of items to help out children with sensory issues.

They even have some waterproof and floating bean bags that you can take in the pool!

Check it out for yourself :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Learn more about their bean bags:

You have to try it to really understand what it means to get comfortable!When it comes to relaxing and comfort,nothing beats a Yogi bean bag.

Our quality fabrics are stretchy and pleasant to the touch and adapt to the shape of your body.

Yogi products are available in various sizes and colors.All Yogi products are made with a lining and removable washable cover.

In addition,refill packs of polystyrene beads are available so you can keep your favorite products for many years.Yogi products are suitable for all ages.

SolKine- A New, Natural Sunscreen Made on Maui!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, since when I have paying clients this ‘fun’ blog gets back-burner status, but when I saw a post about this new made-on-Maui natural and reef-friendly sunscreen, I just had to interview them!

Below is my interview with Maja Liotta, CEO and Founder of SolKine

solkine natural reef safe sunscreen made on maui Maui Made: How did you get the idea for your company? 

Maja: I had been making beauty products for as long as I can remember. From sugar scrubs with fragrant essential oils to even soap made from rendered pork fat, I have always been someone whose mind is always thinking about how I can elevate a product or food and make it better. I am also a private chef so I am comfortable manipulating ingredient ratios to achieve a beneficial result. I had been making sunscreen for four years for my own family and had been sharing it with various moms on the beaches. With some encouragement and the help of my awesome packaging, branding and website designer, SolKine got a “look” and a following as we promote and share our product with tons of north shore groms and their families.

solkine natural reef safe sunscreen made on maui

MM: What are the difficulties of running a business on Maui? 

ML: Shipping costs!!! Getting materials here is a huge annoyance- nothing comes cheap to Maui and it takes forever!!

MM: What are the best parts of running a business on Maui?  

ML: We get to live in paradise AND have a successful business plus every person on the island desperately needs a reef safe suncare product.

MM: What’s next for your company? 

ML: We opened a bay area headquarters and are excited to start getting product to the west coast and the eastern seaboard and beyond!  We are also launching a high alpine product “SolKine Alpine” as the original recipe of this product was inspired by the harshest of elements while my family and I lived in the high rockies at 9000ft elevation.

MM: Where can people buy your product? 

ML: Right now, our e-commerce site is awesome as well as its available at Hi-Tech, Sailboards Maui, Mana Foods and Paia Pit Stop.  We are adding new retailers weekly so check our website to see where else we are selling!

solkine natural reef safe sunscreen made on mauisolkine natural reef safe sunscreen made on maui


Mahalo to Maja for taking the time to give us an interview!  

Maui Private School Directory

As this blog has evolved, I’ve tried to stick to a few basic rules: the topic must be unique to Maui, and ideally will serve as a resource for others.  As I’ve been involved in helping to promote a private school here on Maui recently, I realized that the other directories of Maui’s private schools are either hard to find, hard to read, out of date or otherwise incomplete.  So, to the best of my ability, here’s a directory of Maui’s private schools, listed alphabetically. Tuitions and deadlines are based on what I could find online, or what I’ve been provided by the school, but please contact schools directly to confirm.  I’ve also included pertinent dates as applicable, of upcoming events, open houses, etc.  To Update or correct a listing please email me at mauiliz77 (at) yahoo (dot ) com

Click on the school name to be linked to their website. Scroll to the bottom to view schools listed by location and grade levels

  • Carden Academy of Maui | Maui Private School School: Carden Academy of Maui 
  • Location: Pukalani
  • Current Enrollment: 143
  • Student to Faculty Ratio: 10: 1 (includes enrichment teachers, max class sizes are 12 (preschool), 16 (elementary school) and 18 (middle school))
  • Grades: PreK – 8
  • Educational Philosophy/ Mission: To educate the whole child through a balance of academic excellence, character development, and enrichment through the arts in a nurturing, small classroom setting.
  • Religious Affiliation: None
  • Application Deadline for 2015-2016 school year: deadline info coming soon 
  • Annual Tuition: Pre K : $8,500, K – 5 : $10,250 , 6-8 : $11,250
  • Open House Dates: January 23, 2016
  • Annual Events: Fall Festival , Carden Jamboree
  • School: Clearview Christian Girls School 
  • Location: Makawao
  • Current Enrollment: 20
  • Student to Teacher Ratio: 5-1
  • Grades: 6-12
  • Educational Philosophy: Clearview Christian Girls School provides a safe place for early adolescent girls to develop academic excellence, physical fitness, artistic appreciation, moral awareness, and spiritual strength.
  • Religious Affiliation: Christian
  • Annual Tuition:$7,015
  • Doris Todd Logo | Maui Private SchoolSchool: Doris Todd Memorial Christian School / Maui Christian Academy 
  • Location: Paia
  • Current Enrollment: 178
  • Student to Teacher Ratio: 14: 1
  • Grades: Pre-K – 8 (and a new high school: Maui Christian Academy)
  • Educational Philosophy/ Mission: The mission of Doris Todd Memorial Christian School is to provide a Christ-centered, Biblically-directed education which instills the desire and practice of academic excellence, moral integrity, patriotism, and church involvement to the glory of God.
  • Annual Tuition: Preschool – 5th Grade: $6,170  / 6-8th : $6,535 / 9-12 $7,072
  • Emmanuel Lutheran School Logo | Maui Private School School: Emmanuel Lutheran School
  • Location: Kahului
  • Current Enrollment: 170
  • Student to Teacher Ratio:13:1
  • Grades: K – 8
  • Educational Philosophy: The purpose of Emmanuel Lutheran School is to share the good news of Jesus Christ by providing a high quality, Christ-centered education.
  • Religious Affiliation: Lutheran
  • Annual Tuition:$6,100 K – 5th, $7,100 6-8th
  • Upcoming Event: Pumpkin Festival is coming up: Friday, October 24, 2015
  • Haleakala Waldorf Logo | Maui Private School School: Haleakala Waldorf
  • Location: Kula (Infant- Middle School) \ Makawao (High School) 
  • Current Enrollment: 292
  • Student to Teacher Ratio: varies
  • Grades: Pre- 12
  • Educational Philosophy: Developed by Rudolf Steiner in 1919, Waldorf Education is based on an understanding of human development that addresses the needs of the growing child. Waldorf teachers strive to transform education into an art that educates the whole child—the heart and the hands, as well as the head.
  • Religious Affiliation: none
  • Annual Tuition: $12,000 – $15,000 dependent on grade level
  • Application Deadline: deadline info coming soon 
  • Annual Event: Holiday Faire
  • School: Kaahumanu Hou Christian School (and Noah’s Ark Preschool) 
  • Location: Kahului
  • Grades: Pre-K – 12
  • Current Enrollment: 100
  • Student to Teacher Ratio: 8:1
  • Religious Affiliation: Christian
  • Educational Philosophy:We are a Classical Christian School emphasizing academics and discipleship in all grades.  We offer small class sizes for personalized attention, staffed with excellent teachers.
  • Annual Tuition:$3,600 and up
  • School: Kamehameha School MauiKamehameha Schools | Maui Private School
  • Location: Makawao
  • Current Enrollment: 1,068
  • Grades: Preschool – 12th
  • Mission: To improve the capability and well-being of Hawaiians through education.
  • Religious Affiliation: Christian
  • Application Deadline:
    • Preschool applications for the 2016-2017 school year will become available on November 2, 2015
    • The deadline for K-12 campus programs for the 2016-2017 school year has passed. The deadline was September 30, 2015.
  • Annual Tuition: Click here to view the tuitions for the various grades and programs 
  • maui Prep Logo | Maui SchoolSchool: Maui Prep
  • Location: Napili
  • Current Enrollment: 200
  • Student to Teacher Ratio:8:1
  • Grades:
    • Day students: Preschool-12th grade
    • Boarding students: 8th-12th grade
  • Educational Philosophy:A college preparatory education focused on developing higher order thinking skills through the academics, arts, and athletics.
  • Religious Affiliation: none
  • Application Deadline: rolling admissions throughout the year
  • Annual Tuition:
    • Preschool: $10,200
    • Lower School (K-5): $14,610
    • Middle School (6-8): $16,430
    • Upper School: $17,350
  • Financial Aid:
    • approximately 40% of our students receive some sort of financial aid
    • annual scholarships available
  • Open House: Tours are available on a daily basis, as are “shadow days”.  Open house usually occurs in late January.
  • School: Montessori Hale O Keiki
  • Location: Kihei
  • Current Enrollment:
  • Student to Teacher Ratio:
  • Grades: K – 8
  • Educational Philosophy:The Montessori philosophy provides a curriculum and environment in which each child will develop physically, intellectually and spiritually to his or her fullest potential. Children are introduced to the joy of learning at an early age and provided with a structured framework in which intellectual and social discipline goes hand-in-hand.
  • Religious Affiliation: none
  • Fun Fact: Montessori Hale O Keiki is the only independent school in South Maui. In 2009, MHOK became the state of Hawaii’s Marine Science School of the Future and is incorporating Marine Science curriculum in all classrooms. The students are exploring marine science concepts, discovering marine ecosystems, and providing underwater ocean research via our PADI certified middle school students.
  • Montessori School Maui Private SchoolSchool: Montessori School of Maui
  • Location: Makawao
  • Current Enrollment: 269
  • Student to Teacher Ratio: 12:1
  • Grades: 18 months – 8th grade
  • Educational Philosophy: The Montessori School of Maui provides a comprehensive curriculum from early childhood into adolescence by following the principles, spirit and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori’s method of education. This approach features a collaborative learning environment to stimulate each student’s critical thinking skills, cultivate inquisitive minds and empower children to actively participate in the rapidly changing environment of the twenty-first century.
  • Religious Affiliation: none
  • Annual Tuition: ranges from $12,743-$15,004 based on age/grade
  • Application Dates: “We are currently accepting applications for the 2016-2017 school year, however, new applicants are wait-listed until the re-enrollment process is completed with our current students on Mar 4, 2016. Open enrollment begins for new families on March 7, 2016.”
  • Open House: Schedule your OWN open house, click for more information 
  • School: Roots School
  • Location: Haiku
  • Grades: Preschool – 8th Grade
  • Educational Philosophy: The ROOTS mission is to provide educational and learning programs that allow children to think independently, engage collaboratively, make connections across disciplines, realize their talents, and apply their learning in the world.
  • School: Sacred Hearts
  • Location: Lahaina
  • Current Enrollment: 216
  • Student to Teacher Ratio: 25:1 max
  • Grades: Early Learning School (3&4 year olds) – 8th
  • Educational Philosophy: The mission of the Sacred Hearts School community is to provide excellence in education and to nurture a life of prayer, faith and service in the Catholic tradition.
  • Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic
  • Enrollment Deadline: “No deadline, we take applications until a class fills up”
  • Annual Tuition: ELC PT $5400,  FT $6750, Kindergarten -5th $7330,  6th-8th $7730
  • Annual Event: Sacred Hearts Bazaar 
  • School: Seabury Hall
  • Location: Makawao
  • Current Enrollment:454
  • Student to Teacher Ratio: 10: 1
  • Grades: 6-12
  • Educational Philosophy:Seabury Hall is deeply committed to its college preparatory mission and its purpose to develop students in mind, body and soul.  The school equally values the commitment to service to others.  The nurturing learning environment of the school provides fertile soil for students to grow, potentials to be reached, and achievements to be celebrated.
  • Religious Affiliation: Episcopal
  • Enrollment Deadline: February 20, 2016
  • Annual Tuition: $18,950 (2015-16)
  • Major Annual Fundraising Event: Seabury Hall Craft Fair
  • Upcoming Open House Dates: October 17, 2015 / February 23, 2016  (click to learn more and RSVP)
  • School: St. Anthony Grade School
  • Location: Wailuku
  • Current Enrollment: 176
  • Grades: K – 6
  • Mission:St. Anthony Grade School is a K – 6 parish school providing quality Catholic education, enabling students to become caring, responsible, and socially conscious member of society.
  • Religious Affiliation: Catholic
  • Application Deadlines (using last year as reference) Grade 1 – 6 due by March 15, 2015 / Kindergarten due by January 15, 2015
  • Annual Tuition :$5,200.00 (2014 – 2015)
  • School: St. Anthony Junior and High School 
  • Location: Wailuku
  • Current Enrollment:
  • Student to Teacher Ratio:
  • Grades: 7 – 12
  • Educational Philosophy: The St. Anthony Junior-Senior High School provides quality Catholic education in the Marianist spirit to young men and women on Maui.  St. Anthony is an ‘ohana –  living and dynamic community of sharing and learning where leadership skills, social awareness, academic competence and commitment to faith-filled service are developed.
  • Religious Affiliation: Catholic
  • Annual Tuition: Grade 7 : $9,350 Grade 8: $10,400 Grade 9-12 $12,500


Schools by Location:

Upcountry (Haiku/Paia/Makawao/Pukalani/Kula) 

  • Carden Academy
  • Clearview Christian Girls School
  • Doris Todd
  • Haleakala Waldorf
  • Kamehameha Schools Maui
  • Montessori School of Maui
  • Roots School
  • Seabury Hall

Central (Wailuku/Kahului) 

  • Emmanuel Lutheran
  • Kaahumanu Hou
  • St. Anthony


  • Montessori Hale o Keiki

West Side (Lahaina – Napili) 

  • Maui Prep
  • Sacred Hearts


Schools by Grades:

Preschool (this list does not include stand-alone preschools)

  • Carden Academy
  • Doris Todd
  • Haleakala Waldorf
  • Kaahumanu Hou/ Noah’s Ark Preschool
  • Kamehameha Schools Maui
  • Maui Prep
  • Montessori School of Maui
  • Roots School
  • Sacred Hearts

Elementary School (K-5)

  • Carden Academy
  • Doris Todd
  • Emmanuel Lutheran
  • Haleakala Waldorf
  • Kaahumanu Hou
  • Kamehameha Schools Maui
  • Maui Prep
  • Montessori Hale o Keiki
  • Montessori School of Maui
  • Roots School
  • Sacred Hearts
  • St. Anthony

Middle School (6-8)

  • Carden Academy
  • Clearview Christian Girls School
  • Doris Todd
  • Emmanuel Lutheran
  • Haleakala Waldorf
  • Kaahumanu Hou
  • Kamehameha Schools Maui
  • Maui Prep
  • Montessori Hale o Keiki
  • Montessori School of Maui
  • Roots School
  • Sacred Hearts
  • Seabury Hall
  • St. Anthony

High School (9-12)

  • Clearview Christian Girls School
  • Maui Christian Academy (the new high school with Doris Todd)
  • Haleakala Waldorf
  • Kaahumanu Hou
  • Kamehameha Schools Maui
  • Maui Prep
  • Seabury Hall
  • St. Anthony


Blogging Disclosure: I am on the Board of Directors of Carden Academy, and a past board member of Seabury Hall Alumni Board, but no compensation was received from any school on this list.  

25 Things to Do on Maui With Kids This Summer

Summer is rapidly approaching, which means 8 weeks (or more!) of “I’m BORED!” coming from the kids (or maybe even your spouse…) so I’ve put together a Summer Survival Guide of 25* things to do on Maui with Kids… (*more may be added – feel free to add your suggestions!)

Family Friendly Events

  • Hit the Town – (1) Friday Town Parties – Each Friday, a different town hosts a party!
  • Catch a Flick (or a dozen) – (2) Maui Film Festival – Coming up this year from June 3-7, 2015.  There’s sure to be some great family movies, the schedule is usually released a couple weeks prior to the event, be sure to check back or follow the Film Festival on Facebook .
  • Cinderella by Alexander Academy See the Ballerinas – Over 150 dancers from (3) Alexander Academy will present Cinderella on June 6 and 7 at Seabury Hall’s new performing arts center.
  • Check out the 4-H’ers – (4) Upcountry Ag Fair , June 13 & 14 at the Oskie Rice Arena in Makawao
  • Horse Around Upcountry – Do NOT miss (5) Makawao’s Fourth of July Parade and Rodeo. Maui Roping Club presents the 60th annual Makawao Rodeo, July 2 – 5, 2015 – the largest rodeo in Hawai‘i with more than 350 cowboys from all over the world. Parade starts at 9am Saturday, July 4.
makawao 2015 rodeo fourth of july

Image Courtesy Makawao Roping, Credit:

Free / Cheap Fun

  • maui humane society tortoise

    Who needs a zoo when you have an awesome Humane Society?

    Pretend its Winter –   It’s hot… but it’s still pretty cool atop (9) Haleakala… pack your jackets, fill up the thermos with hot chocolate and head up the hill.  You could even sing Christmas carols if you are really feeling wacky.

  • Pretend we have a Zoo – Check out the animals at the (10) Maui Humane Society!  Besides the cuddly kitties and cute puppies, they have a huge tortoise and miscellaneous pocket pets.  Open daily 11am – 4pm. But remember, this one is only FREE if you don’t go home with anything…
  • Head Under Water – Is this the summer when you finally teach the kids (11) how to snorkel?
  • Stick your Head in a Book – Check out one of the (12) many libraries around the island, or my personal favorite, head to Puunene’s Friends of the Library Bookstore – almost everything is only 25 cents!
  • Get Muddy – (13) Bike Park Maui has something for all ages, from a tiny tot track to miles of dirt track and pump track for your BIGGEST kids… Don’t have a bike?  They have rentals too
  • Go Strawberry Picking – (14) Kula Country Farms has transformed from a family-run farm to a family FUN farm, with strawberry picking (seasonally), animals, a children’s garden and mini-golf!
  • Kid Around – There seem to ALWAYS be baby goats at the (15)  Surfing Goat Dairy, and they’ve even set up a sand-toy pit, if the kids (as in children, not baby goats) just want to dig around.  Its free to enter, you just need to pay if you want to go on one of the tours.
  • Go on a Hunt – (16) For the island’s best Shave Ice!  Make it your own family mission to sample each shave ice on island, to discover which company (and which flavor) is the absolute best! Might we suggest starting (or finishing!) with Ululani’s? 
  • Hit the Stream – When it’s just TOO HOT, grab your suits and head on up to the (17) Iao Stream.  The chilly water will cool you down instantly!  Kepaniwai Heritage Gardens- established in 1952 as a showcase for Maui’s diverse heritage with ethnic houses and gardens representing the Hawaiian, Portuguese, Japanese, Caucasian and Filipino cultures – is always a fun little activity, too.
  • Check out the Farm – (18) The Lahaina Animal Farm is a sure winner with the animal-lovers (advanced reservations required.)
  • olinda forest hike

    Olinda Forest is a fun little hike!

    Take a Hike (or a bike)-   Both located in cool upcountry, the (19)  Olinda Forest (Waihou Springs) is fun with the little ones, or the Makawao Forest Reserve has great mountain biking for the older kids.

  • Become a Nature Tracker – Grab a bucket, some water shoes and (20) explore the tide pools!
  • Splash Around – When the heat of the day gets to be too much, and you don’t want to have to worry about watching the little ones at the beach or pool, just grab some suits and towels and head to the mall!  (21) The Maui Mall has a great little water-play area…
  • Go on a Treasure Hunt – an (22) Art treasure hunt! Who needs an art museum when you have the The Grand Wailea?  Rumor has it if you ask around there’s an art ‘treasure’ hunt that you can go on…


  • Pretend you are a tourist-  Sure, you live on Maui, but there are tons of family friendly activities that you’ve probably not done yet, so (23) treat yourself to a stay-cation and check out a submarine or helicopter ride, or check out one of the zip-line tours!  Most tours have great kama’aina discounts.
  • Get a Hole-in-One – Does anything say SUMMER like some (24) mini-golf and bumper boats?  Make a holiDAY of it – maybe even head to the aquarium (AGAIN! – Hard to beat that air-conditioning!) and there’s also the Kealia Boardwalk if the kids still need to run… and while you are in Ma’alaea dont forget about the ice-cream cookie sandwiches from Hula Cookies

Tropical Moms – Guest Post by Cadencia Photography

Isn’t being a mom the best?  Don’t you love hearing about other inspiring moms around Maui?  When Cadence contacted me to see if I would be interested in a guest blog post about her new photography series about Maui moms, I jumped at the chance.  So, read on for our first ever guest blog post by Cadencia Photography:  

As a maui family photographer, I love capturing the potent and unique dynamic between children and their parents. This inspired me to create Tropical Moms, a series on Maui motherhood. An inspiring mom is featured every week, along with a short interview and a photography session. The posts offer an authentic glimpse into family life and raising the next generation on Maui — Tropical Moms aims to uplift, inspire, and connect mothers on island and around the world. We are always looking for mommas you admire, please nominate by emailing

(click on the mom’s name or the image for a link to their blog post)                                                                                                                            

“Maui is a wonderful place to live an alternative lifestyle. removed from the bustle and challenges of an urban life, I find it to be a nurturing environment to stay connected to nature and source and live a life of balance and harmony” – Annika Banko annika maui photography

“I always imagined raising my child/children on Maui from before I was ever ready to have them, I guess because I always felt blessed to have been raised there myself. The reasons being, the community aspect — which in a lot if places and groups has a strong bond of families and women who share and support each other and their children from prenatal to parenting…Also being surrounded by a potent energetic landscape that provides an easy access to know, love, understand and participate in nature and our planet, which is one of the most important issues a child should grow up knowing about. Maui allows that contact in an organic way that the child seamlessly evolves with.” – Callie Mahoney 

Callie Mahoney Maui Photography Child Beach Portraits

And meet more moms (click the image for link) :

Sunny Savage Maui Photography Author Wild Food

tropical mom Sunny Savage

Shaunna Maui Photography

tropical mom Shaunna

Pia Maui Photography

tropical mom Pia

Ellen Fisher Maui photo image boy children child kid keiki

tropical mom Ellen Fisher


For more about Cadencia Photography, please check out, follow instagram: @cadencia and like cadencia photography on facebook
Mahalo to Cadence for the guest post! 

Kids Horse Camp – Spring Break 2015

Well you’ve finally turned your calendar over to February (what happened to January anyway?), which means that next month is March, which means Spring Break and kids out of school!  Time to start checking out some camps.  If your kids have always loved the pony rides and squeal every time they drive by horses, might be time to check out True North, located in Kula.  This spring, they are offering two weeks of camps, for ages 5-12.

maui horse camp spring break 2015

Through horse-related games and activities, campers learn about the care of horses, their characteristics, breeds, colors and safe handling – both on the ground and in the saddle – in a fun-filled environment.  The camp is designed for all levels of riders, from the first experience on a horse to experienced junior riders.   Due to the limited number of riders per session – call soon to book your child’s spot!

  • Camp: Spring Break Camp with True North Equestrian
  • Location: Clearview – Omaopio Road, Kula (close to the top – only minutes from Makawao!)
  • Dates: March 16 – 20 and March 23 – 27, 2015
  • Times: 9am – 3pm
  • Cost: $125 per day or $395 for the week
  • Contact: Rachelle –  (808) 268-3082

Want to see more? Check out True North on Facebook. 


Do you know of other spring break camps?  Send me an email – contact info in the About Maui  – with the details!

Maui’s Best Family Photographers – Part 1

PC: L-R Top - Caprice Nicole, Wendy Laurel, Love and Water L-R Bottom - Kristy Copperfield, Joanna Tano, Angela Nelson

PC: L-R Top – Caprice Nicole, Wendy Laurel, Love and Water
L-R Bottom – Kristy Copperfield, Joanna Tano, Angela Nelson

Wow.  This was an intimidating post to put together.  Maui has a TON of talented photographers.  And let’s just say there are lots of photographers that can combine a good camera, a cute family and a spectacular sunset on the beach to make a frame-worthy memory.  But what if you want something just a bit different for your next family portrait?  You want to capture this magical moment, remember this particular age as they are growing so fast…  Whether you are just on Maui for a special vacation or live here full time, here’s a list of photographers that are sure to be worthy of your family portrait wall.

I’ve scoured the web and interviewed some particularly talented photographers to put together this post of Maui’s BEST Family Portrait Photographers.  In fact, there were so many amazing photographers that there will be a PART TWO (which will be linked here when it’s completed)

Each photographer has offered some tips to help create the perfect family memories! I’ve also included photographers at each price point, and included their base rates, to help you pick the photographer that works best for your family!

Angela Nelson Photography

maui family photographer - maui's best family photographers

Meet Angela Nelson

Meet Angela: I’m a Midwest girl at heart, but I feel so blessed to call Maui my home! I’ll make sure you and your loved ones are relaxed and confident in front of the camera. You can expect a lot of fun coupled with a dash of creativity and spontaneity!

Family Portrait Tip: Be sure that if you have little ones that they have eaten and had a nap before our session! I’m a master at helping children loosen up in front of the camera, but a full belly and adequate sleep always help! As for moms and dads, let me worry about having your child look at the camera and, for goodness sakes, let them be kids! The best moments happen when mom and dad relax and let the children play!

Specializing in: family, couples, and weddings

Packages start at: $399 for a tiny session (30 minutes, North Shore Maui mornings only, 10 digital images), $549 is full hour package with all edited images,1 hour of photography, any location.

Minimum lead time: I’ve booked sessions that occur that day! If I’m available, I take the session!

Check out more of Angela’s work – 

Joanna Tano Photography

Maui Family Photographer Joanna TanoMeet Joanna: Born and raised on Maui, Joanna watched her journalist mother snap photos for local newspapers. Taking photography classes at Baldwin High School and the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Joanna learned the techniques of the art of photography. Specializing in small weddings and Maui family portraits, Joanna Tano utilizes top professional equipment to ensure the highest quality photography.

Family Portrait Tips: The beach is always a great place for photos but it’s fun to think outside the box about different beautiful Maui locations such as Olinda Forest, Iao Valley, a waterfall, or even an urban shoot like Paia town (in which case shave ice or ono-gelato makes for really happy kids and amazing photos). And keep in mind your location when deciding on what to wear.  At the beach you might choose to wear a short dress or shorts so that you can get your feet in the water, whereas if you do an urban shoot, maybe jeans or a long dress.

Packages start at: $500, all packages include an Online gallery and USB of professionally edited images with printing rights. Ask about the Kama’aina discount.

Minimum lead time recommended: It’s best to book your session at least a week or two in advance.

Also specializing in: weddings

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Caprice Nicole Photography

caprice maui photographerMeet Caprice: When I was a child, I wanted to be many things. But most of all I wanted to make people happy and somehow encapsulate all the beauty I saw every day. Once I discovered photography, it was love at first click! Growing up in Hawaii, I never took it for granted. I witnessed the ever changing beauty that blew through the islands and simply wanted to share it. Now I get too! Capturing people’s most happy & intimate moments amongst all the colors and textures Hawaii has to offer, is like a dream come true.

Family Portrait Tips: My best tip is to do some research on the type of portrait you want. Depending on what you are looking for, different time frames or locations might work better.  Certainly do not be afraid to communicate your desires with your photographer!  As far as clothing goes, I prefer when every one is not perfectly matching.  Choose a color scheme to use as a guide, but allow every one to wear what they feel best in whether it be shorts, skirts, pants or dresses!  Also, stay away from loud patterns. Portraits are about you and your family.  So let your selves shine! Most of all, have fun!!

Packages start at: $550.00 – The starting package for a family of 4 includes:

  • 1 hour on location photography by Caprice Nicole
  • All Images on a High Resolution Flash Drive
  • 20 Favorites chosen by the family for “detail edits”
  • Custom keepsake Case for their Flash Drive with family name, photo and date
  • Copy Release Form
  • Web Viewing and Sharing

Minimum lead time recommended: Booking 2-3 weeks in advance that is perfect, especially if you are not locked on an exact day. If it is something like a family reunion and have to organize a lot of family then 1 or 2 months ahead might be better!

Also specializing in: I specialize in people, so I cover the whole spectrum of portraits including Engagements, Weddings, Maternity, New Borns, Models, Styled Sessions, etc.

maui holiday portrait photographers


maui newborn photographer

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Kristy Copperfield Photography

Meet Kristy: Hey, I’m Kristy! kristy maui family best photography I’m a born and raised island creative. I specialize in newborn and maternity photography with a cute little natural light studio in Makawao. I’ve been photographing people of Maui for just about 4 years now. My passion for photography was inspired through my 8 years as a preschool teacher. Years of observing and documenting their development and freezing these observations through my lens morphed into an entirely different, and unexpected, career path. I spent the first couple years of photography searching google, youtube and the inter webs, teaching myself this craft. Once I knew newborn photography was where my heart was, I flew to New York for a one day mentorship with a newborn photographer and,as they say, the rest is history. When I’m not behind the lens, I enjoy a good ole beach day, a drink with friends or an intense #deathbydiy home improvement project. Seriously, check me out on the gram, I’m quite handy.

Family portrait tips: Matching outfits are out, coordinating colors and textures are in….accessories too! Have fun with your outfits, have fun with your family and leave it to me to produce images that are a by-product of your love for each other.

maui best photographer family newborn

Packages start at: $550 for one hour, outdoor shoot, and 25 digital images on USB

Minimum lead time: That depends. Newborns are photographed within the first 14 days, so 3rd trimester booking is highly suggested. My assistant Eva runs my life so shoot her a message and she’ll take care of ya!

Also specializing in: Family, child, newborn and maternity photography

maui newborn photography

maui newborn photography

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Wendy Laurel Photography

maui family photographer wendy laurel Meet Wendy: I am a beach girl at heart – love the ocean, the salt, the sand, the sun, the colors. I moved to Hawaii the day after graduating Stanford Law School and never looked back. As my babies came along (I have 4!), I started to experiment with photography. That experimenting quickly grew into a head over heels love affair with film photography. Film captures light, water, and color in a gorgeous magical way that inspires me and will make you happy.  Hawaii is just plain gorgeous with tons of color and light and film handles that light best and truly records those colors for timeless photos.

Family Portrait Tip: :  Just be relaxed and yourselves! Don’t be stressed if the kids don’t cooperate, I’ll get good photos no matter what!

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Packages Start At: $575 for  20 min mini session (available on the West side only  – Lahaina, Kaanapali, Kapalua), includes an online gallery and free instant digital downloads of full resolution images.

Minimum Lead Time Recommended:  just depends, please check with me!

Also Specializing In: weddings, commercial

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Love and Water Photography 

Shawn Adam - Love and Water Photography - Maui Underwater Photographers Meet Shawn-Marie and Adam: We are Maui photographers who consistently work with fun loving clients who are not only in love with one another, but with life, and appreciate the value of having the story of their experience told through timeless imagery while enjoying a fun afternoon in the company of friends.

Family Portrait Tip: Bring a change of clothes for everyone, and wear something you don’t mind getting sandy/wet. Definitely be prepared to run around in the sand and have fun!

Specializing In: Family and maternity beach portraits, trash the dress shoots, underwater photography sessions for couples and individuals and adventurous elopements.

Packages start at: $650 + tax for a 1 hour shoot with the two of us as your photographers, a private online gallery for two months and 10 artfully edited images with release to print.

Minimum lead time recommended: As soon as you know you’re coming to Maui!

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