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Guest Post: by Sally Warrick (my mom)

Last night we went to Andaz Maui at Wailea, and it was beautiful and amazing.  We arrived at sunset and were looking out over the balcony at the many pools below and directly below us was a lovely looking bar with the sunset view so we decided to go down and have a drink and watch the rest of the sunset.

Andaz Maui Wailea Pools Sunset Night

Andaz Maui at Wailea – Pools Just after sunset (from earlier this year)

Wonderful chairs, little fire pits, candles and a beautiful waitress named Simone.  We asked Simone where she was from and she said San Diego,and she has just arrived not too long ago.  We told her we had lived in Bonita and we bonded.  About this time a couple of guys showed up to do a gig – may I add that where the ‘stage’ was placed was perfection.  I think they must have designed the space to have entertainment but make it subtle and not intrusive just background music -if you wanted.  It was perfect, they were playing, we were chatting and looking out at the view.  And then we discovered they they were doing a piece we knew and -very well.  And then we started paying attention to them.  Simone told us that they were her favorite group that played there.  This was only their second time, but they are contracted now to play at what is known as the Lehua Lounge every Saturday night.

They came over to our table after their set (at Simone’s request).  They were respectful, sweet and well spoken,and they are from Kihei and went to Baldwin and Maui High, been playing together for 9 years and they are about 22.  They were fun to talk with and I think they appreciated the fact that we knew a little something about Hawaiian Music.
The group name is Stay Eazy it was Gabriel  and Austin, they have a Facebook page for the group.  I highly recommend this trip, we loved it.

Stay Easy Musicians Andaz Maui

Gabriel and Austin after their show at the Lehua Lounge, Andaz Maui at Wailea

Funnily enough we parked at the Wailea Shoppes and walked back to Andaz and as it turned out it was not a bad choice -the valet parking was backed way up- well, what do you expect on a Saturday night at 6 during Christmas week?

Mahalo to Sally for our first ever Guest Post! 

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  1. Eduardo Naguit said:

    Hi Gabriel and Austin it’s EDDIE father in law of Crystal can you call me please just have a question 650245 7452

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