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Maui Made Baby

Congratulations on your recent addition!  As you’ve probably noticed, babies don’t travel lightly.  The baby gear is now probably filling out of the nursery and into your whole house.   But, the good thing is, a lot of baby gear, some essential, and some just for fun, is now being made on Maui, or by Maui-based companies.  These would all make great baby shower gifts as well!

Let’s start with the cute stuff…

First, your kid is going to need clothes.  Might as ‘whale’ buy baby something cute, and buy local!  How about the Maui Whale Onezee by Maui Thing?

a whale of a onesie by maui thing

a whale of a onesie by maui thing

Next, you are really going to want this darling Mommy and Daughter matching shell bangle set by Maui Ocean Jewelry!  (if this set sells, click here for the main shop page)

mom and me matching bangles

matching outfits? maybe not, matching bangles? YES, PLEASE


Then, if you haven’t already figured it out, babies spit up.  A lot.  While you are holding them.  If you want to protect yourself and your clothes (and dignity) in style, you should buy some totally adorable burp cloth set, handmade by Bitty Bambu!  (again, link to Bitty Bambu page if this item sells out)

handmade burp cloth on maui

Elephants and Chevron handmade Burp Clothes by Bitty Bambu

And babies are heavy. I could go on and on about the Ergobaby carrier, which was designed on Maui. Just buy it.  If you want to know more – just add a comment below and I’ll tell you why I think the ergo is the best.  They’ve also just designed a swaddler, which I’ve not been able to try, since I have no baby at the moment, but I’d love to hear anyone else’s experience.  Judging from the success of the ergo, I’m sure its great.

You’ll probably want some balm.  Cheshire’s Herbals makes a BELLY~BUM~BALM for use on pregnant bellies, babies bums, stretch marks and all over the body for some yummy loving!

prenatal rub made on maui diaper cream

Just check out the list of ingredients, I bet it smells amazing!

And finally, we’ve saved the essentials for last. (pretty much because if I started with this, some squeamish dad or unsuspecting blog-hopper may be not quite ready for the grand finale… )

LIlia Designs makes some eco-friendly options for mom and baby –

Starting with baby – Check out these Cloth Diapers – one size fits all!  They also make organic bamboo wipes!  Great for babies with sensitive bums! (Use coupon code AF13LS for a 15% discount on online orders!)

cloth diaper one size fits all

One size fits all – the cloth diaper revolution – made on Maui!

And for mom, postpartum pads and nursing pads, in super fun (as fun as postpartum bleeding can be) colors!  WHY did i not know about any of these things before I had kids… (Use coupon code AF13LS for a 15% discount on online orders!)

And finally, a little bee told us that Queen Bee Productions is currently working on a line of baby products – so stay tuned for those! We’ll keep you posted!

What’s your favorite made on Maui baby product?

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