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It’s in the Bag – Made on Maui Bags

handmade bags made on maui hawaii

Bag (AKA purse, clutch, tote, messenger, hobo, carryall, satchel…)

For as many names as there are for the bag, there are even more styles.

If you are looking for the perfect bag, check out these options – all made on Maui!

Maui Monkey Business:

Custom Fabric Bag Made on Maui

Customize your own bag with Maui Monkey Business!

“A simple shoulder bag handcrafted in a traditional design from an era when time was measured by the sun’s journey through the sky. Sling it on and gather what you will!  100% cotton canvas hand dyed, hand printed and hand sewn on Maui! The best part – you can design your own!  Pick from two sizes- regular or long, then choose your fabric color, pattern and the ink color.  (example bag is turquoise fabric, turtle design, blue ink) You can also design your own t-shirts, pot holders and table linens!”


SEE IT ON MAUI: Maui Hands

Sailbags Maui:

sailbags made on maui hawaii

Recycled Kite Surf Sails make up these clutches and bags in all sizes!

“Sailbags Maui grew from the awareness that many of the colorful kite surf sails dotting Maui’s famous Northshore ultimately end up in our islands’ finite landfills. At Sailbags Maui, we wish to give all worn, outdated and unusable kite sails the chance to “sail on” to a second life. Our dedication to travel lightly and live uniquely is reflected in each of our light, playful and one of kind Sailbags.”


SEE IT ON MAUI: Click here for list of stockists

Wicked Ono

Da Kine Tote Bag - Coffee Burlap Bag

Da Kine Tote Bag

“Living on this wonderful island in the middle of the ocean you quickly embrace a lifestyle of recycling and reuse.  The beautiful graphics of each coffee farm along with the farms history inspired me to up-cycle these coffee bean bags! Each burlap bag is unique and very strong, making them the perfect choice for hand-crafting totes, messenger bags and purses. As well as reusing the coffee bean bags, the lining, straps and hardware are all reclaimed materials found in non-profit thrift stores that support the Maui community.”

CHECK IT OUT ONLINE: Click here to view more bags (contact directly to order) 

SEE IT ON MAUI: ZForrest Gallery in Makawao


Treehouse Made on Maui Bag clutch

Clutch by Treehouse

CHECK IT OUT ONLINE: Treehouse Designs

SEE IT ON MAUI: Moonbow Tropics, Paia


clutch hawaiian design made in Hawaii

Blockprint Clutches by Palapala Designs

Limited edition blockprinted totes, clutches and the new crossbody hele bag.

CHECK IT OUT ONLINE: Palapala Designs  or see more about Palapala Designs on this blog

SEE IT AROUND THE STATE: Click here to see Stockists

Tropical Spaces

tapestry bag handmade on maui hawaii

Tropical Spaces Hobo Bag by Tracy Lamon

“Introducing the Haiku Hobo bag hand made by Tracy Lamon in her Tropicalspaces studio on Maui. This bag is sized to hold all your daily essentials and is created using a combination of new and eco friendly repurposed designer upholstery remnants.”


SEE IT ON MAUI: More styles currently on exhibit at Maui Crafts Guild in Paia

True Story Company

“Hand made on Maui, this small pouch is made from heavy cotton canvas with a digital print of the our infamous winter surf with the beautiful West Maui mountains in the background and on the bottom are the words “LIVE SURF LOVE”. You can use this pouch as a home for all your bits and pieces – pencils, books, make-up, sea shells…..whatever!”


Box Eleven

pink floral white cross body bag handmade

Cross Body Bag

Thrifted and Vintage Fabrics become really cool bags…

CHECK IT OUT ONLINE: Box Eleven or see more about Box Eleven on this blog

SEE IT ON MAUI: A List of Box Eleven Stockists (scroll to bottom)


clutch leather surfer girl black blue wave

Surfer Girl Bag by Pascaline

“A French Artist in Maui, windsurfer, traveler, sailor, inspired by the oceans, wind, waves and the color of nature.  Original designs, signed – Fine selection of leather and skin – Quality Canvas and Hardware – Waterproof and Scratchproof paint – Created and designed in Hawaii with Love and Aloha”


SEE IT ON MAUI: Turnbull Gallery (in the beach room in the back!)

Wanna Pin It?

Here they are – all together!

bags hand made on maui hawaii

Palapala Designs – Hawaiian Art Textiles

tea towels clutch pillow cover case decorative

Founded by artist Palapala (Barbara) Chung, Palapala Designs offers textile products ranging from pillow covers to purses. Barbara designs and carves original blockprints of Hawaiian motifs and subjects, combining them with contemporary form and function.  Each item is carefully hand printed and sewn here on Maui, with each item created in short runs so availability and supplies are limited.

Barbara shared a little more about Palapala Designs in a recent interview:

Maui Made: How did you start this project?

Barbara Chung: I have danced the hula since I was a keiki and through hula one learns so much of the Hawaiian culture, to respect and honor all aspects of this special place we live. I wanted to use my art to celebrate the Hawaiian culture and through my information cards which come with most of my products, give those who may not know, a glimpse into this world.

MM: What are your most popular products and designs?

BC: All my designs and products seem to connect and appeal to kama’aina and visitors alike, but the most popular designs might be the Kalo (taro), Ulu (breadfruit), Ko’a (coral) and Honu (turtle).

MM: Where do you sell your products?

BC: I sell to stores in Maui, Oahu, Hawai’i (big island), Kaua’i and do several shows across the state, notably the prestigious Merrie Monarch Invitational Craft Fair, The Made in Hawai’i show, the Na Makua Invitational Christmas Fair and the Seabury Hall Craft Fair.

MM: What’s the key to success to be a crafter on Maui?

BC: The key to success in my business is having a handmade work of art that not only tells a story but is usable in the contemporary world. After drawing the artwork, carving the design and sewing the items, I personally sign most of the products because you are getting a one of a kind hand printed work of art. No two blockprints turn out exactly alike!

MM: Where can people buy your Designs? 

BC: View my website for the list of retailers carrying my Designs, or come see me in person (call for studio times or set up appointment) at my design studio at 1993 South Kihei Road in the Island Surf Building.

I have a website which is set up like a gallery of pictures. There are no prices at this time as it is mainly for my store accounts, but anyone can contact me and order by email or phone. I hope to have an online store in the future.

kihei studio island surf south kihei road

Barbara’s studio in Kihei is open by appointment, or, call for studio hours.

MM: What’s next for you and Palapala Designs? 

BC: My dream is to open a large store where modern meets traditional Hawaiian culture in a perfect blend of color and design.

Mahalo for your time, Barbara!  Best of luck at the upcoming Made in Hawaii Festival, happening next month!

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