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Haleakala Creamery Churns up some Deliciousness

haleakala dairy creamery caramel ice cream

If you have lots of goat milk handy, but dislike that taste of it, what’s a girl to do? This was the dilemma that Rebecca Woodburn-Rist faced, which was answered by lots and lots of ice cream and caramel, and a whole new enterprise!  Rebecca is now making caramel sauce out of goat’s milk as well as cow’s milk, with flavors including vanilla, cinnamon and coffee, and is selling it at retail locations across the island!  I’m also a sucker for the sweet and creamy deliciousness, so check out what’s happening at Haleakala Creamery!

caramel recipe goat milk Maui Made: How did you learn how to make caramel? 

Rebecca: ​I taught myself how to make caramel after reading about traditionally made goat’s milk caramel (cajeta) because I had a surplus of milk.  It took a lot of trial batches to find the right balance of sweetness and silky texture. The cow’s milk caramel cooks a bit differently and I have had to experiment with different ratios of milk and sugar to get the right texture. I started making caramel​ in the spring of 2013 after a year of making my own goat’s milk ice cream​.

MM: Where do you make your caramel now? 

R: ​I use the Lokahi ​Kitchen in Wailuku. It has been a huge help having a kitchen available to rent so that I could start wholesaling my products. We are currently in the permitting/design process for our own facility to be built on the new farm property.

goat milk ice cream

Goat milk ice cream is also served up on Saturdays at the Upcountry Farmer’s Market if you make it up there early!

MM: Where do you get your goat and cow milk?

​R: My cow’s milk comes from Island Dairy on the big island under the Hawaii’s Fresh label, they are one of the last commercial dairies operating in the state of Hawaii​. We are in the process of building our own micro dairy facility and will begin using all of our own goat’s milk as soon as it is certified.  Until then I am using Summerhill goat’s milk from California.

MM: What’s the hardest thing of having a business on Maui? 

​​R: The cost of land on Maui is very high and for a startup farming venture it can be very prohibitive. The islands also have a very small gene pool of dairy goats and I had to fly in a buck (male breeding goat) from Arizona to improve my herd.

MM: And best thing?

R: ​All of the ingredients that make good caramel are on Maui!​

baby.goat.mauiMM: You have over 1,200 followers on Instagram – how did you do that?  

R: ​It’s all the cute goat pictures! By connecting with other farms on Instagram I noticed what types of pictures people like to see and how they respond to them.  The great thing is that I have connected and become friends with so many of my Instagram followers and I am always excited when someone introduces themselves in real life!

MM: What’s next for Haleakala Creamery?

R: ​I am currently working on spreading my caramel sauce to new retail locations. My caramel is being reviewed by Whole Foods as a new product so fingers crossed that goes well.​ Within the next year we plan to be in our own dairy and kitchen facility​. I am experimenting with chewy goat’s milk caramel candies and hope to be able to retail those soon.

MM: Tell us a little bit about yourself: 

R: ​I grew up in Victoria, BC but I have family that live in Hawaii. My sisters grew up on the big island and Hawaii always felt like my second home.  I became a resident in 2001, I love living in the islands.  Growing up my family owned a horse drawn carriage business and I continue to ride and work with horses. My husband and I just welcomed our newborn son about 3.5 months ago and I have been juggling goat chores, caramel cooking and baby raising. I couldn’t do it without Dylan! I love growing our own food and knowing where all the ingredients came from.  By making a caramel with local ingredients I get to do two things I am passionate about – Promote local food and care for a herd of dairy goats.


Mahalo to Rebecca for chatting with us about her exciting new products!  

caramel.crepe.recipeWhere to buy Haleakala Creamery’s Caramels:  Haleakala Creamery Online ShopMaui Ocean Center – MaalaeaMaui Coffee Roasters – Kahului, Fustini’s – Shops at Wailea, Maui Winery and at the Upcountry Farmers Market on Saturday mornings (with the goat milk ice cream when available as well!) 

Check out some of Rebecca’s recipes (like these delicious crepes) to see what she does with her caramel! 

Follow Rebecca and Haleakala Creamery on Facebook and Instagram (for lots of cute goat pictures!) 



Roselani Ice Cream – Made on Maui for over 80 years!

Roselani Haupia Ice Cream

During my tenure as the PR Manager for Maui Ocean Center, I was lucky enough to travel with Maui Visitor Bureau to attend a few of their Media Blitzes on the mainland.  One year, the theme of the Blitz in California was “Tutu’s House”. We traveled with boxes of props to set up each venue so it looked like you were visiting your Hawaiian grandma’s house.  We also brought a chef from Maui, to create Hawaiian fusion pupus for each event, but the most memorable (food-related) part of the trip was the Roselani Ice Cream we had specially flown in to each city we visited.

Roselani Ice Cream is part of the family run Maui Soda and Ice Works, which has been an important part of the Maui community for 125 years.  In 1922, Manuel Nobriga joined Maui Soda & Ice Works, delivering ice via horse and wagon. Ten years later, he started making ice cream from scratch and creating his own flavors and recipes, many of which are still used today.   Today, Manuel’s five grandchildren are all majority stockholders in the company, and each work for one of the now three family businesses as well.

Manuel’s granddaughter, Catherine Nobriga Kim, has worked at the plant since she was 15, and is now the Manager of Roselani Ice Cream, as it was formally named in 1970.

Cathy took some time out from her incredibly busy day (and her BIRTHDAY no less!) this morning to answer some questions for us –

Roselani Ice Cream Plant Maui HawaiiMaui Made: You’ve been in the ice cream biz for a lot of years – any highlights or best memory? 

Cathy Nobriga Kim: I started at the youthful age of 15 when I spent my summers making milk nickel, orange dreamsicle, fudgesicle, popsicles and filling  cups of ice cream.  That’s when labor was inexpensive.   There are a number of highlights – the largest ice cream sundae at the Maui County Fair & Racing Association events (the Fair), largest ice cream sandwich (which got into the Guinness World Book of Records for a year), new flavors, etc.  But the highlight of my ice cream education came when I attended my first bona fide, professional ice cream course put on by Tharp & Young in 2002.  I had full intentions of becoming professionally educated on ice cream manufacturing, science, etc.  My grandfather, Manuel, and my dad, Buddy, were artisans who learned by doing and utilizing books as references.  Here we are in the 21st century and I would become the first of the three generations to be formally educated in this field.  Conclusion:  my grandfather and dad had the “art of making ice cream” in their genes.  The class provided me the “terminology”, “theories” and what ifs.  Bottom line:  it is an art and not all science.  You consume what you produce.

roselani maui ice cream factory MM: What is it that makes Roselani so good? 

CNK: We continue to manufacture using the original method of pasteurization – 30 minutes at 165 deg F – or batch pasteurization.  This allows for the butter, milk and sugar to slowly blend together and give it a caramelized profile.  Technology has shortened this period to 15 minutes (HTST) and 5 minutes (UHT) which does not provide that slow, churning process to develop the profile and consistency.  Again we do things in batches all the way through the freezing process.  We will measure and flavor each batch at 100 gallons at time – processing 1000 gallons in a day.

Some of our ingredients, such as the cocoa, continues to be sourced from the same company since 1932.  Our house vanilla has not changed as well.  It’s all about the integrity of our staff and taking care of the product until it is delivered to the retailer/restaurant/scoop shop.

maui's best ice cream hawaii localMM: How many local restaurants do you service on Maui? 

CNK: We are in 160 restaurants – full service, local, deli – as well as “scooping locations”  (ice cream shoppes, shave ice stands, mom & pop store).

MM: What are the secrets to a successful family run business? 

CNK: Always lead by example – do not take it for granted that being family allows for excuses.  Work hard – hard work pays off.

MM: What’s next for Roselani?

Introducing 2 new flavors into our retail line-up (Hint:  will have local influences) with a new look and size.   As always, we continue to share with the world our heavenly ice cream, Roselani, with an experience equal to or better than what Hawaii has to offer.

MAHALO to Cathy (and happy birthday!), and mahalo to the entire Roselani crew for making the state’s best ice cream!!!

What you need to know:

There are over 40 flavors of Roselani Premium and Super Premium Ice Cream; the best selling Haupia, Kona Mud Pie, sherbets such as Guava and Lychee, and seasonal flavors such as Egg Nog and Pumpkin Pecan.

Roselani Ice Cream can be found all across the Hawaiian Islands in the major supermarket chains.

And in September, two new retail locations on Maui opened up –  The Pu’ukoli’i General Store and Ice Cream Shoppe at The Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas and the brand new Safeway in Wailuku!

Still craving more?  Follow Roselani Ice Cream on Facebook and Twitter

roselani ice cream truck maui hawaii

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