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An Etsy Score – Ke Aloha Jewelry

Made on Maui Jewelry Druzy Gold Earrings Necklace Shark toothEtsy is a literal gold mine for jewelry lovers, the only hard part is separating the great stuff from the really great stuff.  I know that taste in jewelry (as in a lot of things) is subjective, but to my eye (for anyone that has me on their Christmas list), this is really great stuff.

Lisa of Ke Aloha Jewelry describes her work as  ‘modern and delicate, handmade on Maui with aloha’, and I couldn’t have said it any better myself.  As two moms of little kids, we bonded over sleepless nights (and days!) via email, but we managed to discuss some work as well (thanks to caffeine).

modern delicate silver bar bracelet

A modern and delicate silver bar bracelet

Maui Made: How long have you been making jewelry?  

Lisa: I’ve only been doing this for a little over a year and a half.  I got into jewelry a couple years after my son was born.  I needed something to do at home that would fuel my creative side, and that’s when making and designing jewelry came into the picture.

MM: Where can people buy your jewelry?

Lisa: Right now I sell exclusively online in my etsy store.

shark tooth gold silver necklace hawaii

Mano (shark tooth) necklace – available in silver and gold

MM: What are your most popular pieces?  

Lisa: The white Mano (shark tooth) and Mano Jr. necklaces have been consistent best sellers, but my new druzy post earrings are in high demand and sell out fast.

MM: You have well over 2,000 sales on Etsy, (congratulations) – Do you have any Etsy tips to share?  

Lisa: I have to reiterate everything that has already been covered many times over – great photos, great customer service (be nice to everyone!), great packaging and branding, SEO, browse the forums, ask questions if you have any, promote outside of Etsy, and find your own style.  Also, don’t be afraid to fail.  I had an Etsy store back in 2008 which sold my photography.  It was not a success, but its failure was essential.  It allowed me to reevaluate what I really love and wanted to do.  It led me to jewelry and I’m very thankful.

druzy gold necklace

Hoaka Necklace – Druzy and Gold

MM: What’s next for Ke Aloha Jewelry?  

I’m looking forward to growing my line and getting a few pieces in some local stores.

MM: Anything else you want to add?  

Lisa: I love making jewelry.  It really is a culmination of everything I love – from photography to designing to creating. And, most importantly, it allows me to make my own hours so I can be there for my son during his early years – which go by way too fast.

Mahalo to Lisa for the interview!

Check out her Etsy shop here

or follow her on:


Maui-Based Clothing Designers

For a fairly small island, Maui has its share of talented clothing and swimwear designers and seamstresses :  Please add a comment below if you or someone you know should be added to this list!

Maggie Couloumbe Dress, Davis Chu Photography

Maggie Couloumbe Designs, Davis Chu Photography

Maggie Coulombe –  Cutting-edge women’s fashions 

If you are lucky enough to be wearing a Maggie Coulombe dress, all eyes are on you. She has dressed celebrities on and off the red carpet and her designs have been featured in Elle, Instyle and other fashion and celebrity magazines.  Inspired by her globetrotting lifestyle and the natural beauty of her Hawaiian home, Maggie Coulombe has created a collection that accents the essence of all women. Fashionistas from around the world frequent The Maggie Coulombe Store, located at Whaler’s Village in Kaanapali, Maui, click to shop online. 

Tamara Catz – Contemporary resort clothing, bathing suits, wedding and bridesmaids dresses.  

Born and raised in Argentina, Tamara started designing her own lines at age 18. After traveling the globe with her husband, professional windsurfer Francisco Goya, they decided to settle on Maui.  In 2000, she launched her line with immediate success, selling to boutiques and department stores all over the US and Japan. In 2005, Tamara opened her first boutique in Paia, Maui and two years later she launched her Bridal collection.  In 2013, a second shop was opened in Venice, CA.  Click to shop online.

Red Stripe Blue Floral Dress

Pink and Floral Skater Dress by Box Eleven

BoxEleven –  Handmade women’s clothing and accessories. 

A few years ago, Katie Browne combined a few of her favorite things, fabric, shopping and thrift stores, with a talent for sewing, and started creating unique women’s apparel and handbag designs, which she now sells under the label BoxEleven. On Maui, you can see her designs at Wings Hawaii in Paia, the Hui Noeau shop in Makawao, and on Hawaii Island at Pueo Boutique in Kailua Kona.

Wings Hawaii – Handmade and silkscreened clothes, jewelry. 

Wings Hawaii grew from a school art project at University of Hawaii into one of Maui’s most successful clothing lines.  Wings features a hand-sewn collection, which are designed and fabricated from scratch in their Haiku studio. They are also known for their hand dyed and screen printed line, complete with original artwork.  Wings also has their own jewelry line, each item handmade in the studio.  Visit Wings Hawaii in their beautiful flagship store in Paia, Maui, click for list of stockists, or Click to shop online

Ha Wahine / Cy Maui handpainted silks and Hawaiian designs

Featuring two distinct shops on Maui, Cy Maui in Wailea, at the Shops at Wailea, and Ha Wahine in Wailuku on North Market.  Cy Maui is known for their handpainted silk in flattering cuts and designs, and Ha Wahine, featured Hawaiian-inspired designs on rayon, with each item sewn on Maui.  Give them a call to place your order.

maui girl swimwear ashley camper photography

Maui Girl Fashions, Photo by, as featured in Mokulele in-flight magazine.

Maui Girl Swimwear – Designer boutique bathing suits, sporty mix and match bikinis, coverups

Maui Girl & Co.has been a landmark on the North Shore of Maui for over 30 years. Located in the heart of Paia, Maui Girl & Co., has been voted the “Best Bikini Boutique” of Maui for the last 5 years. Designer and boutique owner, Debbie Kowalski Wilson, has been designing and selling her pieces since the 70’s. She made the switch from vintage reconstructed pieces to bikinis in the early 80s.  Maui Girl Swimwear frequently makes appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues, with a record 14 suits in the 2013 issue. Maui Girl suits are available online, but to make things even easier for mainland customers, the line will be looking to expand to stockists across the country in 2014.

handmade bikini maui hawaii

Pashey Bella’s Royal Bright Purple Lolo Tube Top and Bottoms

Pashey Bella –  handmade sporty swimwear and accessories

Pashey Bella was created by two water girls, born and raised on Maui. At the ages of 14 and 12, Talia and Tehani Gangini, learned how to make bikinis, which blossomed into a small business in 2007 called Manini Gangini Bikinis. Their goal is to design active swimwear that is functional and flattering.   In 2012, they changed the name of the company to Pashey Bella (Pashey being Talia’s middle name and Bella being Tehani’s). While they currently still make all their swimwear by hand in their 400 square foot shared room, this coming January 2014, Pashey Bella will be launching their first collection which will be made in the USA. The line will include all new designs and patterns, and will enable active women to have a functional, active swimwear with good coverage. In addition to designing swimwear, Talia Gangini Decoite started her own jewelry business at the age of 12, and in 2009 became the youngest designer to be featured on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue with a featured necklace.  She also travels the world as a professional stand-up paddler.  Click to shop online.

Girls Sleeveless purple teal dress

Purple and Teal Sleeveless Dress with Dandelion Pocket and adjustable ties

Bitty Bambu-  Modern, handmade children’s clothes and accessories

Bitty Bambu’s designs are influenced by the beauty of the natural environment, and the spirit of childhood.  Designer and seamstress Taryn has a background in Landscape Architecture, but discovered her passion for sewing not long after having kids.  “I enjoy making clothing that is beautiful, colorful, and playful – all the elements that I believe every childhood should be full of.”   Bitty bambu can be found in boutiques around the islands, on the mainland and as far as Australia, and on Etsy.

happy honu skirts

Happy Honu Skirts – Handmade in Hawaii

Happy Honu Maui – colorful, island-inspired children’s clothing and blankets.  

Happy Honu Maui is made in Hawai’i with creative dreams mixed with the aloha warmth of the islands. Maui author, painter, illustrator, designer, teacher, and mom Judi Riley has been known in Hawai’i since the early 1990s for her creative, one-of-a-kind and tropical colored Happy Honu Maui kids clothes and Tiki Tales books. What began as a book series that celebrates the Hawaiian islands, evolved into a whole line of island-inspired, quality, durable and comfy creations for keiki.   Judi Riley’s designs  also include silkscreened shirts, dresses and onesies, all hand-screened on Maui by A Make Believe Company.  Available in boutiques across Hawai’i and on the mainland USA, and click here to visit the website or the Etsy Shop.

Wildflowers – Handmade Girl’s Dresses by Bitty Bambu

Bitty Bambu Girls Dress Made in Hawaii

Bitty Bambu, Maui’s whimsical children’s clothing line, unveiled the new ‘Wildlflowers’ collection this past week.  The handmade dresses, which feature rich, jewel-toned fabrics, were inspired by a quote from Tom Petty’s Wildflowers song:

“You belong among the wildflowers/ you belong on a boat out at sea/ sail away, kill off the hours/ you belong somewhere you feel free”

Wildflowers Dresses Custom Order Girls Designer

For Taryn, the line’s designer and seamstress, creating children’s clothing is all about “capturing the spirit of the freedom and joy of childhood, so the lyrics from that song became the theme of the new collection.”

‘Wildflowers’ is also the fall collection for Bitty Bambu, which according to Taryn is a bit tricky, being based in Hawaii.  “The line is featured in many Hawaii boutiques, but I have many customers from the mainland and internationally with Etsy, so I’ve created a balance with some long-sleeve dresses and many layer-able designs. Throw a long-sleeve shirt underneath, with some tights and boots and your daughter is set for fall into winter.”

The Bitty Bambu line is known for its use of designer and imported fabrics, with modern patterns and quality assembly.  Many of the items are made to order, and typically available in sizes 6 months to 6 years.  Bitty Bambu welcomes custom orders, and turn around can be up to two weeks, depending on fabric availability.  Wholesale orders are also welcomed.

(Side Note: Love the pictures?  Photographs courtesy of Kristy Copperfield Photography, who just opened a new portrait studio in Upcountry Maui…)

View the rest of the Wildflowers collection, plus other skirts, shirts and shorts for boys and girls, burp clothes and more on Etsy.

For exclusive sales and updates, Follow Bitty Bambu on facebook

Bitty Bambu can also be found in these boutiques;

Girls Sleeveless purple teal dress

Purple and Teal Sleeveless Dress with Dandelion Pocket and adjustable ties


Designing Wahine – Makawao

Hale Zen – Lahaina

Nuage Bleu – Paia

big island, hawaii

Pueo Boutique

girls dress purple butterflies

Purple and White Bodice with Butterfly Floral Skirt and Adjustable Ties


Aloha Aina – Waikiki

The Growing Keiki – Haleiwa

Maya Bella – Kailua


Hawaiian Salt Clothing- Koloa


Bella Vita – Oakland


Spunky Kidz Boutique

new york

Kailani – Montauk


Finnley and Me

Box Eleven – Thrift+Vintage=Love

box eleven clothes and bags

A few years ago, Katie Browne combined a few of her favorite things, fabric,  shopping and thrift stores, with a talent for sewing, and started creating unique apparel and bag designs, which she now sells under the label BoxEleven.

Maui Made: What is unique about BoxEleven Designs? 

Katie Browne: I use fabric that is purchased in limited amounts with no option to buy additional yardage, so each item is a one of a kind, or a limited edition.   The thrifted and vintage fabrics are rarely in pristine condition and might have small holes or portions faded by the sun, but i don’t consider those to be flaws; the imperfections tell a history of the item.   If you find an applique on your item, it means that i discovered a hole or stain and decided to cover it with a small scrap, rather than waste a large portion of fabric.   I also utilize parts of textiles that most clothing manufacturers hide or trim off because i want to offer a view into the making of the fabrics themselves by highlighting details,  such as the marks and indents in the fabric edges that occur during the weaving process, or the marks and signatures left by the fabric dyers.

MM: What’s your most popular item? 

KB: I think my most popular item right now is a new design, the Skater Dress, which is a super-comfy and flattering dress made in a variety of knit fabrics in different colors and prints.

MM: What are the best ways to meet new customers on Maui and online? 

KB: For me, the best way to meet new customers on Maui has been to have a booth at Seabury Hall Craft Fair.  It’s the only craft fair I do on a regular basis, and I always meet a ton of new people and reconnect with past customers.  Instagram has been a great way to meet new customers online, because it’s so easy to post cute pictures and comment and like other people’s cute pictures; I’ve connected with a lot of like-minded creatives this way.

MM: When did you realize this could be a business and not just a hobby? 

KB: About 12 years ago I made a bunch of one-of-a-kind purses, put together a Trunk Show with a few other artisans and made some sales!  I didn’t sell out but I was really excited to discover that other people liked the fabrics I paired and I realized that with enough hard work and focus, I could turn my favorite hobby into a business.

MM: How did you learn how to sew? 

KB: I’ve been sewing for most of my life, but learned all kinds of tricks of the trade when I entered the Fashion Technology program at UHMC in 2010.  I thought I knew how to sew….until I started taking classes under Cheryl Maeda, and realized I had a lot to learn!  It was an excellent experience, and Cheryl is a very thorough and skilled teacher.

MM: How long have you been on Maui? Where are you from? 

KB:I’ve lived on Maui since 2005.  I’m from Carbondale, Colorado, a little town high up in the Rocky Mountains.

MM: What do you do for fun? 

KB: For fun I like to sit in the sun, read my favorite fashion mags, shop for fabric and shoes, and daydream about my next collection.  I love funny movies, lilikoi margaritas, and dinner parties with friends!  I also like to draw and sketch, and will find scraps of paper all over the place filled with doodles; for some reason it rarely occurs to me to actually draw IN my sketchbook.

MM: What are some of the best thrift stores/ vintage shops on Maui (come on, spill your secrets!) 

KB: All time best thrift store is Savers in Kahului- they have such a high turnover rate and a ton of stuff to go through.  My favorite vintage shop is Paia Trading Company, which has a very nicely edited collection of paper ephemera, vintage glassware, Pyrex dishes, and so many fantastic other goodies!

Thrifted and Vintage Fabric Clothing Designs Maui Hawaii

MM: You have an Etsy shop set up as well – any tips for sellers? 

KB: I think Etsy is awesome!  It’s the first place I go online every morning after I check my email.  I love the Quit-Your-Day-Job series and the carefully selected treasuries; I’m constantly amazed by all the beautiful and imaginative things that Etsy shop owners create.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any good tips for sellers as my sales are fairly low on Etsy.

MM: Good and bad news of being your own boss? 

KB: The best part of being my own boss is that I have complete control over how my business is run- I get to choose all the fabrics, decide which of my designs I want to produce, and take all the credit for my successes.  The most challenging part of being my own boss is that I’m responsible for EVERTHING, which can be difficult because I have to do all of the tasks that a business requires, even ones that I’m not good at, like bookkeeping.

MM: What’s next for BoxEleven?  

KB: Next for BoxEleven: getting some wholesale clients on the mainland!!  I’ve had a good response from boutiques throughout Hawaii, and I would like to expand my list of stockists to a select few shops on the West and East coasts.

MM: What’s the inspiration for the name? 

KB: My mom came up with the name BoxEleven, and I know it comes from her mailing address (as in, POBox 11) but I don’t know why she chose it.  All I know is that when she told me she wanted to name her catering and cake baking business BoxEleven, I thought it was so awesome that I stole it from her.

made on maui designs

MM: Where can people buy your clothes? 

KB: On Maui, you can see my designs at Wings Hawaii in Paia, the Hui Noeau shop in Makawao, on Hawaii Island at Pueo Boutique in Kailua Kona, and on Kauai at Work It Out in Kapa’a.

Online, I have my own shop*, an etsy shop, and I have items on Beach Wahine.  (*NEW NOTE: Katie is currently setting up a new online store, contact her directly at to place your order!)

Want more?  Follow BoxEleven on Facebook and Instagram

Palapala Designs – Hawaiian Art Textiles

tea towels clutch pillow cover case decorative

Founded by artist Palapala (Barbara) Chung, Palapala Designs offers textile products ranging from pillow covers to purses. Barbara designs and carves original blockprints of Hawaiian motifs and subjects, combining them with contemporary form and function.  Each item is carefully hand printed and sewn here on Maui, with each item created in short runs so availability and supplies are limited.

Barbara shared a little more about Palapala Designs in a recent interview:

Maui Made: How did you start this project?

Barbara Chung: I have danced the hula since I was a keiki and through hula one learns so much of the Hawaiian culture, to respect and honor all aspects of this special place we live. I wanted to use my art to celebrate the Hawaiian culture and through my information cards which come with most of my products, give those who may not know, a glimpse into this world.

MM: What are your most popular products and designs?

BC: All my designs and products seem to connect and appeal to kama’aina and visitors alike, but the most popular designs might be the Kalo (taro), Ulu (breadfruit), Ko’a (coral) and Honu (turtle).

MM: Where do you sell your products?

BC: I sell to stores in Maui, Oahu, Hawai’i (big island), Kaua’i and do several shows across the state, notably the prestigious Merrie Monarch Invitational Craft Fair, The Made in Hawai’i show, the Na Makua Invitational Christmas Fair and the Seabury Hall Craft Fair.

MM: What’s the key to success to be a crafter on Maui?

BC: The key to success in my business is having a handmade work of art that not only tells a story but is usable in the contemporary world. After drawing the artwork, carving the design and sewing the items, I personally sign most of the products because you are getting a one of a kind hand printed work of art. No two blockprints turn out exactly alike!

MM: Where can people buy your Designs? 

BC: View my website for the list of retailers carrying my Designs, or come see me in person (call for studio times or set up appointment) at my design studio at 1993 South Kihei Road in the Island Surf Building.

I have a website which is set up like a gallery of pictures. There are no prices at this time as it is mainly for my store accounts, but anyone can contact me and order by email or phone. I hope to have an online store in the future.

kihei studio island surf south kihei road

Barbara’s studio in Kihei is open by appointment, or, call for studio hours.

MM: What’s next for you and Palapala Designs? 

BC: My dream is to open a large store where modern meets traditional Hawaiian culture in a perfect blend of color and design.

Mahalo for your time, Barbara!  Best of luck at the upcoming Made in Hawaii Festival, happening next month!

Wicked Ono – Upcycled Bags

Wicked Ono Handmade Bag Made on Maui hawaii

Wicked: New England slang for ‘really’, ‘very’
Ono: Hawaiian for ‘delicious’

Put them together and what do you get?    Wicked Ono  – Really cool upcycled bags, handmade here on Maui by Andrea Jacobs.

Andrea picked up her first bag from a coffee shop on Maui and made a messenger bag from it. After so many requests for the bag she knew she was on to something. Wicked Ono bags are available in a wide variety of sizes from clutches to large totes, each a one-of-a-kind design, made with burlap coffee bags and thrifted fabrics and hardware.

Maui Made: Tell me a bit more about your Wicked Ono bags – 
Andrea Jacobs : I fell in love with coffee bean bags…the texture of the burlap, the graphics and the history of the Hawaii coffee farms.  I found a coffee roaster up country that supplies the bags. The owner has a great eye and pulls the best ones for me. The straps, hardware and when possible fabric for the bag’s lining come from thrift stores.

MM: What are your favorite thrift shops on Maui?
AJ: I think all the thrift stores on the island are wonderful, and any thing that helps others and is less in our landfill, is a win win. The turn over of goods in the thrift stores here is amazing.. you never know what you will find. I like thrift stores that benefit the island community. Salvation Army and Goodwill are my frequent shops. I use all that I can from the used bags, straps, handles, zippers and Velcro.

MM: What’s your most popular style of bag?
AJ: The most popular bags are the DaKine Tote and the Small Messenger. I do make “Special Edition” bags. Those come about as an inspiration using an unique coffee bean bag and interesting hardware I have found.  For the most part each bag is an one of a kind, each have their own personality.

MM: How long have you been sewing?
AJ: I have been sewing my whole life, my dad came home with a machine when I was 12. I am pretty self taught with the guidance along the way by some talented seamstresses.

MM: Where can people find your bags?
AJ: I have some bags up in Makawao at Zforrest (next to Makawao Steak House) and I’m currently redesigning my online shop, so people can contact me directly through my website to see what’s available and place an order. I do made to order also.  (Click here to view the lookbook)

MM: Do you ever go to the craft fairs?
Wicked Ono has done local craft fairs and is on break from the Maui Swap Meet.

MM: You are from Boston, how did you get out to Maui? Do you ever miss the East Coast?
AJ: My husband, Allen and I vacationed her for many years and as most people fell in love with the island. We fantasized about living here….we were growing tired of the hustle and bustle of city life and made the jump. We settled in very easy, embracing the aloha life style. Allen returns to Boston a few times a year for business but I have not. I stay connected via internet with friends and family, but no longing to head back for a visit.

Three Da Kine Totes

Mahalo to Andrea for showing us her beautiful creations!  

Which Wicked Ono bag would YOU tote around?  

Pandeia – A Compass Sundial Wristwatch Made on Maui

Pandeia-Compass-Watch-Maui-HangingWhen I first saw the Pandeia display at Wings in Paia, I figured it was some hot Italian designer, and all the cool kids in Paris and Rome were probably wearing them.  The whole display was so professionally done, so spot-on trendy in a vintage chic kind of way, and just such high quality work, when I later heard that they were made by a woman in Haiku, I think my reaction was ‘whaaaat???’

Pandeia watches can be described as a compass sundial wristwatch, made of hand cut leather and antiqued brass, but upon closer inspection you discover that its really so much more.  Like a conversation starter.  And my personal favorite: motivation on your arm.  I fell in love with Pandeia when I saw the tagline –  FOLLOW YOUR INNER COMPASS.    What could be simpler, and more empowering?  I could go on and on about the power of this tagline, which I might just stencil over my kitchen sink (or really, I should just get a Pandeia), but let’s get back to the wristwatch.


Pandeia got its start with the discovery of a brass pocket compass sundial in a vintage shop, and when it was combined with some leftover leather straps and a brass buckle, a whole new company was birthed.

The more I researched Pandeia, the more interested I became, and was stoked when the woman behind Pandeia, Kelsi, agreed to take time out of her crazy busy watch making, order filling and social networking schedule to let me interview her.

MM: What is Pandeia to you? 

Kelsi: Pandeia is more than a time piece, it is a wearable reminder to escape the boundaries of time.  Its a conversation piece that helps share the idea to live free and enjoy each moment.


MM: What kind of personalization options do you offer? 

Kelsi: There are several customizations that people can order to make it more personal or special.  I have men’s and women’s styles, several color options, I can add studs, or stamp a word/name/date into the leather.  I love doing custom orders because it makes me get a better idea of who my customer is.  I want nothing but positivity when it comes to Pandeia, and having happy customers that are stoked on their watch is the best feeling.  Each piece, customized or not, is numbered for authenticity on a hand stamped brass tag

MM: How does the watch actually work? 

Kelsi: The instructions are engraved on the back of the piece, but you hold the watch level, find North with the compass, flip the dial wing vertical, and the dial wing will cast a shadow on the roman numerals, telling you the time.  There’s a slight variation in time depending on the season, your location on earth and whether you participate in daylight savings.


MM: Where can people buy your watches on Maui?  

Kelsi:   On Maui you can currently (as of June 2013) buy Pandeia at 4 stores, Wings Hawaii in Paia,  Pink By Nature in Makawao, Hue in Kahului and The Maui Ocean Center Store in Maalaea. (MM side note: You don’t need to pay aquarium admission to go to the gift store at the aquarium, just let them know at the front gate, its an impressive store if you haven’t been there yet)

(and currently on the Pandeia website, there are 5 women’s watches and 2 men’s)

MM: When did you realize that this would be a real business and not just a hobby?

Kelsi:  When I started Pandeia I was running a business for another artist on the island.  I created Pandeia in my spare time.  It took a long time to develop since I was investing the little money left over from each paycheck into it.  I remember not knowing if I had enough money left for dinner because I just ordered 100 buckles.  I was 23 years old and happily scraping by.  The day that I quit my real job Pandeia instantly became full time.  The second that I put all my energy into it, it started growing.  And it was growing faster than I had ever expected.  Its been a one woman show and I’m stoked to finally hire a part time intern.  I work way more than full time.  It never stops.  But when you love what you do, you don’t really want it to.  It doesn’t feel like work.  Its fun.  There are so many different aspects to the business that I never get bored.  From photoshoots, to social media, to making the actual product, developing new ideas, finding stores, filling orders my work is never done.


MM: How is Maui as a place to be creative? 

Kelsi: Maui is an awesome place to be creative, there is endless inspiration.  My studio and the birth place of Pandeia is a 250 square foot shack in the middle of the jungle (Haiku).  You have to hike to get down here!  Being able to create in a workspace surrounded by nature is a dream come true.  Maui is also amazing because there are so many other creative, like-minded individuals.  I love collaborating and supporting one another.

MM: What do you see as the next step for your business?  

Kelsi: I constantly have new ideas whirling around when it comes to Pandeia.  Pandeia has become a world traveler. My watches are found in stores and on wrists in Japan, Australia, South Africa, Amsterdam, Sweden, France, Italy, Canada, Brazil just to name a few… the list grows everyday!  I wish I was so well traveled.   I am also hoping to expand my line in the near future by introducing other styles and rings/necklaces.

MM: Wow!  Keep us posted, Kelsi!  Now get back to work!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos by Lens and Key, Location in scenic Kula, Upcountry Maui.

If you want to see more of Pandeia – here are two video links.

Here’s the video that goes with the pictures in this post 

And here is a video of Kelsi making the watches in her Haiku studio

And finally, I’ll leave you, dear readers, with this inspiration from the Pandeia website :

Escape the boundaries of time with this unique compass sundial watch. Made of brass and handcrafted leather, this time piece inspired by the past is sure to be as unique as the free spirit wearing it.  Pandeia compass sundial watches are made with love and aloha in a jungle shack on Maui. Stay true, be strong, and always FOLLOW YOUR INNER COMPASS.

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