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Paia’s Newest Hot-Spot – Sporting Club of the Pacific

Are you ready to join ‘the Club’?  No membership, gold-medals or magazine cover shots needed, just a thirst for some all-natural ingredients… 

Enter to win!  On Thursday, October 23 (contest may be extended to get more entries) – a winner will receive a pre and post workout meal and two t-shirts!  Enter on the Maui Made Facebook page– (Contest post pinned to top while entries being accepted) 

If you’ve been on Maui for any length of time, you know that we have our share of world-class athletes, from world-champion windsurfers and stand-up paddlers to Olympic skiers who live and train on Maui in the off-season.  For a while now, some of Maui’s top athletes have been turning to Tugger Balcom for their performance enhancing beverages.  Now, we’re not talking about some secret formula of artificial chemicals or banned substances, these are real, natural ingredients, formulated specifically for athletes for pre- or post-workout.  

sporting club of the pacific - new juice bar paia maui hawaii

Red Juice, Blue Juice,
Me Juice, You Juice… Lots of Juicing options at the Sporting Club of the Pacific – All Natural Ingredients!

sports club of the pacific paia maui juice bar

Outdoor seating at the Club… no need to wipe the sand off your feet!

And because of some ‘obstacles’ recently created by the government in regards to selling ‘raw’ beverages through wholesale, Tugger decided to open up a juice bar in Paia to sell his ever expanding line of juices, coffee and ‘fuel’ for athletes (and, the rest of us, too).  So now, whether you have just finished your CrossFit or barre class, you are training for your Maui to Molokai run, or you are just headed to the office, you can come grab some fuel at Paia’s newest hot spot, the Sporting Club of the Pacific.  Plus, the seating is outdoors so you don’t even need to wipe the sweat off your brow or the sand off your feet.  You might even get to run elbows with some of these world-class athletes…

Tugger’s entry into the performance beverage world began with his own struggle with severe psoriasis.  After eliminating sugar, dairy and eggs from his diet, and seeing success with that change, he started moving away from drinks with artificial ingredients and towards more natural sources of hydration and energy.  Simultaneously, Tugger took a course in free diving, and learned about using chlorophyll as a means to be able to hold your breath for longer periods of time.  (And if you want to know more about how this works, you should probably go talk to Tugger). 

Pineapple Hibiscus Water and Pineapple Chlorophyll Water at Sports Club Pacific Maui Hawaii Paia

Pineapple Hibiscus Water and Pineapple Chlorophyll Water!

maui cold pressed coffee paia coffee bar

Cold Pressed Coffee in the custom made Coffee presser!

After getting positive feedback from big-wave surfers and free divers from his first round of bottled juices, Tugger began wholesaling.  Alive and Well, Choice and the Kuau Store were selling out each week, but a new law forbidding the sale of raw juice changed his focus, just as the space behind Puka Puka in Paia (the former Paia Bay Coffee) opened up.

His initial line of two drinks- a pineapple and chlorophyll juice and cold-pressed coffee – has expanded (and is still expanding daily) to : three types of Hydration drinks, four Fresh Juices, Strong Coffee, Wellness Shots, Blended Beverages and Acai and Green bowls.  (Menu printed at bottom)

100% Maui Coffee- Custom Roasted and Blended by Maui Coffee Roasters.

100% Maui Coffee- Custom Roasted and Blended by Maui Coffee Roasters.

The story behind the name and the brand, Sporting Club of the Pacific, is probably a whole separate blog post, so I’ll just say that Tugger has assembled a group of world-class artisans from around the Pacific, blacksmiths, speargun makers, surfboard shapers, and more, into a kind-of artists co-op (and again, talk to Tugger if you want to learn more about this, or visit the website).  Because the brand is based on custom-made equipment for high-performance, his juices naturally fit into this project as well.

As much as possible I try to blog about personal experiences, so I ventured into the Sporting Club of the Pacific (although I apparently ‘just missed’ about a half-dozen sports superstars who had visited that morning) and its clear that Tugger’s his enthusiasm for quality, researched ingredients is evident in his products.  The acai bowl was delicious (luckily it was cleared away before I was tempted to lick the bottom), each of the juices were pure tasting, and not too sweet or overpowering as some juices can be, and the coffee was excellent as well, although I now need to go back and try it with the house-made coconut cream.

sports club paia maui juice club fresh local organic

The Delicious Acai Bowl at Paia’s newest hot-spot, Sporting Club of the Pacific

Well by now you are probably sick of reading and ready for some delicious and performance enhancing nutrition, so here’s what you need to know:

Menu –


Pineapple chlorophyll water

cold pressed local maui pineapple juice, organic liquid chlorophyll,

pineapple hibiscus

cold pressed local maui pineapple juice, house brewed organic hibiscus

Local Coconut water

Fresh Juice

Raw and Cold Pressed


Cucumber, romaine, kale, pineapple, aloe juice, chia seeds


Beet, carrot, coconut water, lemon juice, ginger, himalayan salt


pineapple, coconut water, leon, ginger, maca, cayenne, clue spirulina


100 % pure maui pineapple

Strong Coffee


100% Maui Beans, custom roasted and cold brewed


Served with House Coconut Cream


turmeric drink recipe health wellness

Wellness Shot: Turmeric – with fresh pressed local turmeric, orange juice and black peppercorn for maximum absorption of nutrients!


Fresh local ginger, echinacea, apple cider vinegar, oregano oil, local lemon, local honey

Mother’s Milk

House made coconut cream, coconut MCT Oil, EFA oil, Cinnamon, Lemon


Fresh Pressed Local Tumeric, Orange Juice, Black Peppercorn


Concentrated Cayenne Pepper Tincture


Number 1 

Almond Butter, bananas, Hemp Protein, MCT Oil, Maca Powder, Flax Sees, Chia Seeds, Cacao Nibs, Dates, Local Honey, Himalayan Sea Salt, Trace Mineral Blend

Number 2

Organic Strawberries, Fresh Pressed Local Ginger, Coconut Water, Aloe Juice, Local Honey, Probiotic Blend.

Number 3 

Fresh mint, bananas, kale, vegan protein blend, spirulina, lemon juice

Number 4

Avocado, Cucumber, Mango, Coconut Water, Vegran Protein blend, Glutamine



Acai and strawberry blend topped with fresh fruit, Maui Sands*, hemp sees, goji berries, local honey


Banana, pienapple, kale, spirulina blend with Maui Sanes, fresh fruit, goldenberries and cacao nibs, maple syrup

*Maui Sansa in a hand-crafted blend of toasted superfoods including oats, almonds, Flax, Sesame, Hawaiian Honey and Sea Salt


MK Light

Secret Service

Wicked Ono – Upcycled Bags

Wicked Ono Handmade Bag Made on Maui hawaii

Wicked: New England slang for ‘really’, ‘very’
Ono: Hawaiian for ‘delicious’

Put them together and what do you get?    Wicked Ono  – Really cool upcycled bags, handmade here on Maui by Andrea Jacobs.

Andrea picked up her first bag from a coffee shop on Maui and made a messenger bag from it. After so many requests for the bag she knew she was on to something. Wicked Ono bags are available in a wide variety of sizes from clutches to large totes, each a one-of-a-kind design, made with burlap coffee bags and thrifted fabrics and hardware.

Maui Made: Tell me a bit more about your Wicked Ono bags – 
Andrea Jacobs : I fell in love with coffee bean bags…the texture of the burlap, the graphics and the history of the Hawaii coffee farms.  I found a coffee roaster up country that supplies the bags. The owner has a great eye and pulls the best ones for me. The straps, hardware and when possible fabric for the bag’s lining come from thrift stores.

MM: What are your favorite thrift shops on Maui?
AJ: I think all the thrift stores on the island are wonderful, and any thing that helps others and is less in our landfill, is a win win. The turn over of goods in the thrift stores here is amazing.. you never know what you will find. I like thrift stores that benefit the island community. Salvation Army and Goodwill are my frequent shops. I use all that I can from the used bags, straps, handles, zippers and Velcro.

MM: What’s your most popular style of bag?
AJ: The most popular bags are the DaKine Tote and the Small Messenger. I do make “Special Edition” bags. Those come about as an inspiration using an unique coffee bean bag and interesting hardware I have found.  For the most part each bag is an one of a kind, each have their own personality.

MM: How long have you been sewing?
AJ: I have been sewing my whole life, my dad came home with a machine when I was 12. I am pretty self taught with the guidance along the way by some talented seamstresses.

MM: Where can people find your bags?
AJ: I have some bags up in Makawao at Zforrest (next to Makawao Steak House) and I’m currently redesigning my online shop, so people can contact me directly through my website to see what’s available and place an order. I do made to order also.  (Click here to view the lookbook)

MM: Do you ever go to the craft fairs?
Wicked Ono has done local craft fairs and is on break from the Maui Swap Meet.

MM: You are from Boston, how did you get out to Maui? Do you ever miss the East Coast?
AJ: My husband, Allen and I vacationed her for many years and as most people fell in love with the island. We fantasized about living here….we were growing tired of the hustle and bustle of city life and made the jump. We settled in very easy, embracing the aloha life style. Allen returns to Boston a few times a year for business but I have not. I stay connected via internet with friends and family, but no longing to head back for a visit.

Three Da Kine Totes

Mahalo to Andrea for showing us her beautiful creations!  

Which Wicked Ono bag would YOU tote around?  

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