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Add Some Pop to your Party!

I love Halloween, because you get to dress up in fun costumes and eat things that look like this:

I also love cake pops, a little ball of deliciousness on a stick, but I’ve never ventured into the world of cake pop making, and thanks to Cake Pops by Liz, I don’t have to.  And, if you live anywhere in the US, thanks to Liz’s new Etsy shop, you don’t either.  Just pick your favorite flavors and designs, and Liz will send her deliciously adorable cake pops right to your door.  Liz has made cake pops for every kind of event, including Weddings, Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Holiday Parties, Wedding Showers, Anniversary parties and fundraisers.   She stepped out of the kitchen for a few moments to answer some of our questions:

easter cake pop four tier display

Makena Resort’s Custom Easter Cake Pop Arrangement

Maui Made: How did you get into the cake pop business? 

Liz:  When the Real Estate Business started to slow down I started making these sweet treats for my friends and family.   After getting busier and busier with more and more requests they became a sweet treat for you and your friends.   I love to make people happy!  It’s a wonderful way to show people the beauty and lifestyle of Maui through my Cake Pop art.

MM: Where can people view your creations, and what are your most popular flavors and themes?

Liz: You can shop Cake Pops by Liz at my website www.cakepopsbyliz or my etsy shop Cake Pops by Liz and browse my most recent creations on my Facebook page!  Some of the most popular flavors are Chocolate, Red Velvet, and Lemon!  Seasonal and specialty flavors such as orange, strawberry, Lilikoi, and Mango have been popular too!   Cake Pops by Liz holiday themed Cake Pops are always a popular way to celebrate the holidays!

tropical hawaiian cake pops

Tropical Hawaiian Cake Pop with Four Tier Display

MM: What other options do you provide?

Liz: Whether you need one or two dozen cake pops for a gift or small party or 100’s of cake pops to celebrate your special event, Cake Pops by Liz can display your pops in one of my gift boxes or on a 4 tier Tower for all of your guests to adore!   Let me know the special theme or occasion you’re celebrating to have a custom Cake Pop by Liz created that will reflect your celebration!

MM: Where on Maui can people taste your special treats?  

Liz: The Cake Pops can be found at The Makena Resort Barista, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in the Shops of Wailea, and Java Café in Kihei.   Or, you can contact me directly to arrange a private tasting at my location in Kai Ani Village Business Suites.

wedding cake pop maui hawaii

Hot Air Balloon Cake Pop Special Display Options

MM: What’s next for Cake Pops by Liz?

Liz: I’ve added Giant Cupcakes and mini cupcakes to my collection. My newest creation is my Hot Air Balloon Cake Pop Bouquets!    These can be purchased separately for Baby Nurseries and room decorations too.

Mahalo to Liz for sharing her sweet story!  Follow along on Facebook for your daily dose of deliciousness. 

A Visit to Kula’s Maui Nui Farm Stand

maui.nui.farmSaturday was a beach day, filled with tidepooling and monk seal watching at Hookipa Beach Park, which meant that Sunday was a great day for relaxing Upcountry.  It never ceases to amaze me that it can be hot, blazing sunny and cranking windy in Paia, and we can drive uphill for twenty minutes to Kula, where we can relax outside under the shade of thick cloud cover, with no wind, enjoying a climate that is several degrees cooler.   Its like a different world.  And since my kids can eat their weight in tropical fruit, we made our first visit to the Maui Nui Farm Stand.

Outside of the farm stand is their food truck, Nui’s Garden Kitchen, which we didn’t get to try this visit so no reviews today (but if you’ve been – leave a review in the comments!).  We did fill up our bags with beets, kale, apple bananas, papayas and star fruit for only $15, which seemed really reasonable for the quantity that we walked out with.

Beyond the farm stand are rows and rows of produce and flowers, giving comfort that the produce is fresh and authentically local. According to their website they have 40 acres!   They offered all kinds of greens, fruits, potatoes, eggs, breads, cookies, flowers and more.  There are also water lilly ponds and all kinds of colorful flowers upon the entry.

Maui Nui Farm Stand is open Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm.  (and here are my Maui-style directions-Turn off the highway where the Kula Hardware store is – then take a left instead of a right – you’ll see the signs- or click here to view the map) On Tuesdays and Fridays, they are selling produce at TJs Oriental Food Mart behind the Old Kahului Mall.   They also offer tours of their farm, and catering for weddings and private events.

Seven Maui Photographers to Follow on Facebook

If you could use a daily dose of ‘ooooohhh’, ‘awwwww’, or ‘WOW!’, then you need to follow these Maui-based photographers on Facebook:

(I’ve asked them to share their favorite photo, but for a photographer, that’s probably like asking them to pick their favorite child. )

(Here’s a hint: Click on ‘Follow…’ to go directly to their Facebook page)

Todd Kawasaki:

Todd’s vibrant images capture the beauty of the world as he sees it.  He calls it ‘realistic’, we call it ‘amazing!’
Follow if you like: The ethereal glow of Maui’s beaches at sunset

Love it? Todd’s images are available for sale on his website.

Amity Mason Photography:

Amity features a little bit of everything on her page: sunsets, underwater, weddings, fashion and fine art photography.

Follow if you like: Classic Maui beauty with a unique artistic spin.

Love it? Amity Mason is offering wedding packages- check out her portfolio

Kristy Copperfield Photography:

Kristy specializes in newborn and family portraits, and its easy to see why.  She is as magical with children as she is with the camera.

Follow if you like: Cuddly babies, a new spin on family portraits

Love it? Kristy Copperfield would love to photograph your baby and family

Tamiz Photography:

Rebecca and Jonathan capture the romance of weddings unlike any other.

Follow if you like: Real-life fairy tales

Love it? Tamiz Photography will document your special moment – wedding, engagement, anniversary or just because?

Jimmie Hepp:

Jimmie photographs sunsets, landscapes, animals and more, but his true talent lies in capturing Maui’s watermen and women.

Follow if you like: Feeling the wind through your hair and the saltwater on your face – through a picture.

(funny, Jimmie let me pic my favorites from his page, I didn’t realize until now that these two are almost mirror images of each other)

Lehia is a full-time reporter who blogs about, you guessed it, everyday maui events.  Her wonderful photographs give color and insight to those events.

Follow if you like: everyday life on Maui.  and food.

Ray Masters shares the day’s best pics from his backyard, the Pacific Ocean, and we are jealous.

Follow if you like: Surfing Dogs.  And who doesn’t like surfing dogs?

Wanna share all these great pics with your Pinterest followers?  We made it easy for you – here they are all together:

Seven Maui Based Photographers to Follow on Facebook

The Art of Chocolate – Sweet Paradise Chocolates

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Maui is known for lots of things, but chocolate isn’t really one of them.  Melanie Boudar, the owner of Sweet Paradise Chocolate, is trying to change that.   After 30 years as a diamond and gem dealer, which included numerous buying trips to some of the ‘chocolate’ capitals of the world, Melanie decided it was time for a change. Merging her background of fine jewelry design with a passion for high-end confections, Melanie has created a signature style for her Sweet Paradise Chocolates.  Each creation is handmade, using a special blend of chocolate from around the world, mixed with a wide variety of ingredients including fresh tropical fruits, nuts and spices.   Classic ‘awesome with chocolate’ flavors can be found at the stores, including macadamia nut and raspberry, as well as some unusual and delicious sounding combinations like Mango Mojito, Key Lime Pistachio, Banana Maui Rum and Wasabi Ginger Sesame (selection varies with season/availability).

sweet paradise chocolate made on maui

Sweet Paradise Chocolate 24 piece box

Sweet Paradise Chocolate currently has a retail shop in Wailea and a chocolate cafe and tasting bar at the Maui Tropical Plantation.  (The chocolates are also available online for those of you not lucky enough to live on Maui).   Melanie is also hard at work with a new venture, Manawai Estate, a 7-acre farm in Haiku, where confection ingredients such as cacao, vanilla beans, bananas, chili peppers, nuts, and various citrus and tropical fruits will be grown and processed.

Maui Made: You seem like a busy lady – you have two stores and an online shop, you are starting a cacao farm, and you own and operate a B&B on Hawaii, how do you fit it all in? 

Melanie Boudar: Its tough but I have great staff in each location and business partners that occasionally fly here and help with big projects like drip irrigation. I’m busy but truly love what I do, so its a lifestyle choice.

MM: What’s your most popular item?  

MB: Passionfruit truffles, chocolate turtles and any kind of salted caramels are the most popular, but my personal favorites are vanilla bean, peanut butter cup and the coconut creme brulee.  (MM Notes:  Sweet Paradise Chocolates also offers custom chocolate designs, perfect for corporate events or weddings.) 

MM: What’s the best part of running a retail shop? 

MB: You see how happy you make everyone and get direct feedback plus you get to be creative with seasonal decor and packaging which is great fun.

Sweet Paradise Chocolate Maui ArtMM: Congratulations on being accepted into the Made in Hawaii festival (coming up in August on Oahu), what’s the goal for this event?  

MB: Our goal is to share what we have to offer and make new retail customers and possibly wholesale Contacts. Interisland shipping is reasonable so the short distance should not be an obstacle. We don’t want Oahu to choose second best when our Maui made products are a better choice….go Maui!!

MM: What’s the news with the cacao farm? 

MB: We have a few hundred trees in the ground and another 400 to plant out. My future goal is sustainability for our product. It takes time… We hope to start offering tours of the farm in 2014.

MM: Besides the farm, what’s next for Sweet Paradise?

The farm is everything!  We are rolling out an Adopt a tree program shortly that will also benefit the Heirloom Cacao Initiative–  a global project, and local artists will be involved as well.  The farm will be an education center for chocolate. We are the only US state that can grow it, but its not without challenge…the farm is a lifetime project that will evolve and showcase Maui in a positive and memorable way. I would’t want to be doing anything else.

Also we will be doing guided chocolate tastings at Maui Tropical Plantation by September!

MM: What are some of the challenges of running a business in Hawaii?  

MB: The high cost of electricity and housing for employees are number one. Next is shipping in things like packaging or shipping out a temperature sensitive product.

MM: Care to share tips for anyone who wants to follow their passion and start a new business?  

MB: Go for it! In the challenge you will learn a lot about yourself and meet great people along the way. Stay focused on your dream and don’t give up.

More about Sweet Paradise Chocolate and Hawaii-grown cacao : 

Melanie Boudar is a graduate of Ecole Chocolat of Vancouver, Canada, the Artisan Chocolate and Confection Program at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York and has studied with some of the finest artisan chocolate makers in North America.  Melanie is a multi-year winner of the Judges Choice award of the Kona/ Big Island Chocolate Festival, and she received the 2010 Edible Hawaiian Islands Local Hero Food Artisan Award.   

The Hawaiian Islands are the only state in the US that grows cacao. Cacao production in Hawaii is very limited but Sweet Paradise has partnered with several growers to produce a signature Hawaiian chocolate that has a complex flavor profile. They are now able to get fresh roasted, locally grown cacao nibs which add an interesting crunch and bittersweet flavor to regular chocolate. 

Hungry for more?  Follow Sweet Paradise Chocolate and Manawai Estates on Facebook

These chocolates are so beautiful I can’t decide if I want to eat them or hang them on my wall.  Just kidding, I want to eat them.

sweet paradise 7 piece set

Sweets and (Dog) Treats…

While researching reputable wedding cake bakers for the recent blog post, the name Maui Sweet Cakes kept coming up.  The owner’s name sounded familiar and a quick web search revealed why.  Heidi Cramer ran the popular Cakewalk Bakery in Paia for 8 years, followed by the wholesale bakery, Cake Bakery, and is now specializing in wedding and event cakes and desserts with Maui Sweet Cakes.  And not content to bake for humans alone, Heidi’s newest venture is Maui Dog Treats, a line of all-natural snacks for Spot and Fido… and Snoopy.   Heidi was nice enough to set down the spatula for a few moments and answer some our burning questions….

Maui Made: How did you get into baking? 

Heidi Cramer: I started baking early on. I remember loving my Easy Bake oven! I also came from a family where meals were an event. Both my mother and paternal grandmother were incredible cooks, so, I was at their side from an early age. I love cooking everything, but professionally, love to produce simple, old fashioned goodies, that I remember from my childhood. I try to translate that now into my wedding cakes.

Maui Sweet Cakes Wedding Cake Maui

A Butter Cream Swirl Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers – Maui Sweet Cakes

MM: You had the Cakewalk Bakery for 8 years  – what was the best part of running a bakery on Maui?

HC: The best thing about running Cakewalk was making our customers happy! For some reason, scratch baking was hard to find, so they loved simple things like muffins, cookies, scones, that were freshly baked from scratch. The aroma in the shop, and seeing the customer’s excitement was very satisfying.

MM: You now specialize in wedding and special event cakes and desserts- the wedding industry seems like a competitive industry on Maui, what does it take to get ahead in this market?  

HC: My cakes for Maui Sweet Cakes are based on the same mission as my Cakewalk products: create fresh, all-natural, great tasting sweets. Yes, there is competition within the wedding cake category, but I don’t create something based on what my competitors are, or are not doing. I focus on the product I want to produce, and what will make the client happy for their big day.

Maui Sweet Cake Wedding Cake with Green Cymbidum Orchids

Green Cymbidium decorate this beautiful and tasty wedding cake by Maui Sweet Cakes

MM: What sets your cakes (and company) apart from the rest?  

HC: I think what sets Maui Sweet Cakes apart is a wedding cake that doesn’t only look beautiful, but tastes great. Typically, wedding cakes don’t taste great, as many bakers bake and freeze them way ahead of time, which dries them out.  Our cakes are baked and filled the day before, then decorated and delivered. It can be a challenge at times, so I prefer to limit the number of events per day, so each order gets my full attention.

MM: Are there any challenges to running a small business on a small island?  

HC: I think running a small business is a challenge anywhere, but in Hawaii possibly more difficult. We have limited resources, & qualified labor, in addition to a higher cost of goods and services. Most small business owners start with limited investment, and end up doing most of the jobs for the business. There’s little time or energy left to actually run the business. It’s so important to be passionate about your business, but also try to create a reasonable work/life balance.

Maui Dog Treats - All Natural Made on Maui

MM: Your newest venture is making all-natural dog treats- how has the response been so far with your new clients?  

HC: My new venture, Maui Dog Treats is doing great! We officially launched with our first deliveries on May 1, and the response has been incredible! My dog Snoopy is the inspiration, as I feel he deserves to eat as healthfully as I do. Maui Dog Treats are hand-made, all-natural treats for pups. They use only human-grade, local & organic (when possible) ingredients. MDT are made with the same care as my Cakewalk & Maui Sweet Cakes products.

The treats are sold in nicely packaged 8 oz resealable bags, and our new product is the Maui Dog Treat Lei! It’s such a fun gift idea. We’re currently selling to many local Maui retailers, and we just launched our site, ( for mail order. We’ve had visitors buy them at local accounts, then once home, ordered more via mail order.


MM: What’s next for Heidi? 

HC: I’ll be off to Oahu in August for the Made In Hawaii Festival for Maui Dog Treats! I was accepted by Maui County to be a part of their program with Innovate Hawaii, which is subsidizing part of the cost. Excited for the huge exposure that Made In Hawaii offers.

MM: Thanks for allowing us to pick your brain, and best of luck at the Made in Hawaii Festival!

Want more?  Follow along on Facebook at : Maui Sweet Cakes and Maui Dog Treats 

A Maui Made Wedding- Nautical Theme, Part 1

Maui Wedding Nautical Ocean Beach Theme Wedding Ideas

A classic theme for any coastal wedding is nautical, or beachy, and Maui is of course a perfect location to carry out this theme.  A search of ‘Maui Wedding’ on Pinterest will lead to numerous jaw-dropping photos, but due to the perils of Pinterest, it may be difficult to contact the actual vendors for these beautiful weddings.  Here are some actual photographs of nautical and ocean inspired weddings and event decor options, with links to the proper purveyors.

For just about anything involving the written word, check in with Barbara Vanderpool from Miss B Calligraphy.  With a formal background in illustration and design, Barbara has a great appreciation for hand-drawn, whimsical art and the lost craft of letter writing. She specializes in custom-made large scale chalkboards, wooden signs, menu design, illustrations, place cards and envelope addressing.   Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, created out of a collaboration with the bride and groom, resulting in elegant and personal designs.

Surfboard Sign photos by Wendy Laurel 

And for anything involving flowers, Bella Grace Flowers can add the perfect touches to suggest a coastal theme in a natural, organic way.  For a recent wedding, owner and head floral stylist Mandy Grace combined driftwood and mercury glass with white, orange and pink bouquets set in vases with seashells in complimenting colors to create this elegant, yet relaxed table setting.  Mandy has been designing floral arrangements since 1999.  Her work has been featured on, The Knot and Destination Inspiration.

Floral Centerpiece photos by Kim Aihara of Aihara Visuals Photography

Maui Sweet Cakes is a special events bakery that offers beautiful and delicious wedding and special event cakes on Maui.  In addition to wedding cakes, they offer dessert bars, candy bars and cupcakes.   Each dessert is made with fresh, all-natural ingredients, with delivery available island-wide.  Maui Sweet Cakes does a limited number of events per day to ensure that the cakes are fresh & moist, and their clients have their full attention.


Looking for a few perfect finishing touches for your wedding?   Opihi Love provides brides, event planners, and photographers with one-of-a-kind props and furniture rentals. With the popularity of vintage items with nautical themes, owner and designer Melissa Padilla has been collecting a wide assortment of items, including ship wheels, anchors and sea fans.  Melissa also recently announced that she will be partnering with Dish Wish Hawaii, which offers beautiful fine vintage china, teacups and silverware for events.  She is also partnering with Blue Jane Maui to offer custom painted pillows for your wedding decor, which they’ll even ship home for you after the event!


And of course, once you have designed the wedding of your dreams, you’ll need the perfect photographer to preserve the event forever. Anna Kim Photography’s first priority is to provide their clients with beautiful images that they will cherish.  Anna also specializes in making sure her clients have a good time and feel comfortable being photographed.  Anna’s photographs feature different angles and creative composition, which capture moments filled with honest emotion and beauty.

Anna Kim Photography Maui Wedding

Anna Kim captures a magical Maui moment

With all these dreamy options, any couple can have their own magical Maui wedding, complete with honeymoon of sailing off into the sunset… (stay tuned for Part 2)

If you have a product that you think should be featured on Nautical Wedding Part 2, or have any feature blog written about of your Maui Made company, please email me at lizsmithonmaui (at) yahoo (dot) com . 

What’s Brewing at Maui Brewing Company

If you live on Maui, chances are you’ve already enjoyed one (or several) of Maui Brewing Company’s award-winning beers.  The brewery has a production facility in Lahaina and a brewpub in Kahana, which is open daily for lunch and dinner and offers an ever changing selection of over a dozen of their own beers on tap.   MBC also offers four of its most popular beers in cans year-round (plus a few limited releases) at grocery and liquor stores around state, as well as 11 other states and 4 countries, if you aren’t lucky enough to live in Hawaii.

Maui Brewing Cans and Glasses on the Beach - Brewed on Maui

Founded in 2005, Maui Brewing Company is one of Hawaii’s fastest growing companies.  They announced early this year that they would be opening a new production facility in Kihei, near the  Maui Research and Technology Park.  The facility will include a brewery, a tasting room and eventually a full-service brewpub. Until construction of the brewpub is complete, MBC is looking to have local food trucks on-site. The new brewery is being designed to offer tours on more of a daily basis. The Lahaina facility currently only offers tours a few days a week due to safety and production schedules.  The new facility is also expected to increase beer production by five-fold, and they eventually plan to add hand-crafted sodas, ciders, meads and distilled products to their ever expanding menu of craft beer.

I was curious to know more about the Kihei project.  MBC owner and founder Garrett Marrero was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule for a quick interview, even answering a few of my follow up questions via email VERY early on a Saturday morning.  I guess that’s how you become the owner of a successful company!

Maui Made: How is the Kihei project going? 

Garrett Marrero: We are currently scheduled to break ground on July 8th.  Its been quite the adventure planning every detail, researching equipment.  The County has been very helpful as they see the success we’ve had already in bringing more jobs to Maui and showing that you can manufacture here.  It’s going to be a long road by the time we’re done in kihei with all phases but it’ll be worth it.  We simply cannot keep up with orders, local, mainland, and international distributors are all being shorted between 30 and 50% of what they order.  We don’t actively sell beer in that we don’t have any reps in markets outside of Maui.  This is just current demand for the 11 States and 4 countries we’re in.  Kihei will help us meet demand and open more markets.

Maui Brewing Company Concept Drawing of Kihei Brewery and Brew Pub

A Concept Drawing of the Kihei Facility

MM: Tell me about your latest canned beer release – 

GM: Our Spring release, Lemongrass Saison, is a collaboration brewed with our friends at the Lost Abbey with pilsner, vienna, and munich malts, hopped with nelson sauvin and citra hops, finished with locally raised Lemongrass. Our Saison is malty, spicy, refreshing and carries a beautiful aroma of citrus and fruit esters.  (ABV: 5.0%, IBU: 18)

Lemongrass Saison - Maui Brewing Company LImited Release

Even the artwork on the cans is made by local artists

MM: I saw the beer van at the Maui Brewer’s Fest (which was awesome by the way) – what’s the news with that?  Is it available for public and private parties? 

GM: You bet, it’s often used for weddings, large parties and corporate events.

MM: Do you have set rates or does it depend on the event? 

GM: It depends on the event but generally we have an all inclusive package that includes all 10 faucets with a different beer on each, a driver/beertender and setup, etc.  The party definitely rolls up with us!

MAUI BREWING VAN - Available for private parties

MM: What’s the best part about doing business on Maui? 

GM: There’s a lot of great things about doing business here.  I’d say my favorite is the job creation and direct community involvement.  I always say my single favorite thing about what I do is giving someone a job.  We don’t spend money on advertising, we instead support our community with events and fundraisers.  Festivals are a big part of that.  Also, because we aren’t absentee operators –  we interact directly with the charities and the people affected by them.  I often get stopped by people around town , especially at Whole Foods, I eat there a lot, and they thank me for the support of XYZ charity because they have a family member directly impacted by the cause we’re supporting.  That feels good.

MM: Speaking of helping out with the community, this year was the fifth annual Maui Brewer’s Fest, is that your biggest annual event? 

GM: Yes.  It is the biggest event we are title sponsors of each year.  The MACC (Maui Arts and Cultural Center) is the organizer and all proceeds benefit them.  We are the chief sponsors and are directly involved in planning, primarily on the brewery side, each year.  It’s been a great event for Maui.

MM: Did you ever expect your company to grow this big so quickly? What do you owe the success to? 

GM: Yeah, sometimes it is a bit daunting, but I knew we’d get where we are.  Sometimes it feels fast…other times not so much.  I was talking with someone the other day and the best way I can describe it is we’re proud of all we’ve done, but we’re only just starting.  When all phases in Kihei are finished you’ll see the complete vision as it is currently formed.  Our success has come from a ton of hard work and support by our team of employees, now over 62, and the community.  Sticking to our founding principles of brewing locally and being authentic, drawing on the agriculture community and promoting Maui and Hawaii has been important.  At the end of the day, it’s being who we say we are, doing what we say we do, and continuing to innovate.

MM: What are you most proud of so far? 

GM: I’m proud of the family we’ve created here on Maui. Not just our team, but our friends and supporters in the community.  Making them proud, gives us pride.

MM: What is your favorite beer?

GM: Thats a really difficult one… lately I’ve been infatuated with the beers from the brewpub, Kaiao, our Lead Brewer at the pub, has been making some great ones, Hoku’ula Red and HI Standards IPA…. but this past week I’ve rekindled my love affair with CoCoNut PorTeR.

MM: Garrett, thanks so much for the interview – now you’ve made me thirsty for my own favorite, the Big Swell IPA!

Garrett: CHEERS!

Want more?  Here’s some more background info on MBC: 

The brewery handcrafts ales and lagers using only the finest natural and local ingredients.  The owners’ passion for creating a great tasting beer has been proven, with their beers winning awards every year since inception. (Click here to see the list of awards up through 2012)  The company is also dedicated to sustainability, donating spent beer grain to local farmers for feed and compost, installing solar panels on their brewery, and using bio-diesel from their brewpub for their delivery vehicles.

The brewery uses aluminum cans for their retail beers for several reasons, not the least of which is the preservation of freshness and taste, which can be affected by light damage through a glass. Aluminum cans are made on Oahu, where as glass bottles would have to be imported from the mainland.  Glass can also break, and when you are enjoying your nice cold beer on the beach in Hawaii, you don’t want to have to worry about stepping on broken glass.  In another gesture of environmental awareness, instead of the typical plastic rings that can ensnare marine life, a unique, recyclable plastic carrying device is used to hold the cans.

Still want more?  Make sure to ‘Like’ Maui Brewing Co. on Facebook. 

What’s your favorite MBC beverage?

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