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Good news for all of you who were Upcountry Fitness members and suddenly realized one day that they may never again hear Tree Baca asks ‘If everyone was ready to throw some bells!?!’  Under the name FuzionFit Inc, Izaak Tyrrell and his awesome team of trainers, including the incredibly motivating and never intimidating Tree Baca, are now at the former Upcountry Fitness Group X room (in the back, by the Kombucha place) –

The schedule should be online soon at  or you can get updates or connect on Facebook – but here is the current schedule – get ready to THROW SOME BELLS!!!  (scroll to bottom for current prices as well) 

  • Monday 
  • 5:45am FuzionFit Foundation W/Izaak
  • 9:45am FuzionFit Progressive w/Rebecca
  • 5:45pm FuzionFit Endure w/Rebecca
  • Tuesday 
  • 5:45am FuzionFit Functional Bodies W/Izaak
  • 8:30am FuzionFit ??? W/Penny
  • 9:45am FuzionFit Progressive w/Tree
  • 5:45pm Kettle Bellz w/Tree
  • Wednesday 
  • 5:45am FuzionFit Progressive w/Izaak
  • 9:45am FuzionFit Progressive w/Rebecca
  • 5:00pm Yoga level 2 w/Christain
  • Thursday 
  • 5:45am FuzionFit Progressive w/Izaak
  • 9:45am FuzionFit Progressive w/Tree
  • 5:45pm Double kettles w\Tree
  • 7:00pm Capoeira w/Guga
  • Friday 
  • 5:30am FuzionFit Performance w/Izaak
  • 8:30am FuzionFit ??? w/Penny
  • 9:45am FuzionFit Progressive w/Jordan
  • Saturday 
  • 8:00am Yoga w/Christain
  • 9:45am FuzionFit Endure
  • Sunday 
  • 9:45am Kettle bellz w/Tree
  • 11:15am FuzionFit Progressive w/Tree

FuzionFit Headquarters opens it doors 15 mins before every class.


Single class/drop in $15

Punch card available:

10 classes for $110

20 classes for $180

30 classes for $210


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