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If you read the recent post, you know that there are a lot of clothing and fashion designers on Maui.  Well, there are even more jewelry designers. I’ve spent a bit of time perusing the shops, the websites, and of course Etsy, and I’ve seen a lot of jewelry.  But one name kept popping up with cute pieces that I would ‘favorite’ or add to the Pinterest Jewelry board: MauiOceanJewelry.  When I decided it was time for profile on Shuana, the designer, I started checking out her Etsy shop and collecting my favorite pieces (pieces that were a bit different, and that I thought you readers – since you LOVE your jewelry- would love too!).  There were a lot…


One of my favorite pieces is this one, the Heartbeat Bangle, that would be such a great gift for a nurse or doctor (pin this one!!). 

nurse gift heartbeat jewelry for nurses

Heartbeat Bangle by MauiOceanJewelry


Shuana Johnson answered some of our questions about what sets her jewelry apart…

“My jewelry is inspired by Maui’s beautiful beaches, and I try to have a piece of Maui in each of my designs.  I love Maui, and want to share the beauty of the island with those both near and far!! I handpick all of the shells and seaglass from Maui beaches, along with my family. Also, when I am making my Maui bangles and necklaces, my husband would constantly critique the shape to the point that I feel I have gotten it down quite well.  I also welcome custom orders, and all orders ship in 1-3 days!”

Maui Made: How did you get to Maui? 

SJ: I was born in South Africa, but grew up on Oahu. I met my husband here on Maui and we lived on the mainland for a bit, but I was pretty sure we would end up back on Maui because he was born and raised here.

sterling silver starfish bangle made on maui hawaii pearl sea glass puka shell jewelry

Sterling Silver Starfish Bangle by MauiOceanJewelry

MM: How did the jewelry making start? 

SJ: I started making jewelry a few years ago when a girlfriend with an art degree from UH Manoa came to me and suggested we do this as a hobby. She spoke to some acquaintances and had our line in a store in Paia. This lasted for about 3 months, then when she got too busy, I started on my own.  A few shops took my things on consignment, and for the first year sales were really slow, and my husband asked me if I was sure I should continue with this hobby. After about a year, I was fired from my job because my boss came back from a 3 week vacation and said he couldn’t afford to pay me. I decided to put all my energy into the jewelry thing, and took my things from Wailuku as they weren’t doing well, and went into new stores in Makawao, Paia and Wailea.  Then, the accessories buyer from Maui Clothing Company contact me after she saw my pieces on etsy. I’m now in two of their stores.

silver maui heart bracelet in the sand handmade

Maui Heart Bracelet Silver, Made by MauiOceanJewelry

Maui Ocean Jewelry can be found in 6 boutiques across the island of Maui:


  • Love the Beach


  • Hurricane
  • Crush on Maui


  • Maui Memories (Wailea Gateway Center)
  • Maui Clothing Company (The Shops at Wailea);


  • Cruise Boutique (Whalers Village)

Want More? Check out MauiOceanJewelry’s Etsy Shop and follow on Facebook

Mahalo To Shuana for sharing her story!!!

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