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Maui Contest Giveaway Prizes




In honor of this, the 50th blog post for Maui Made (and some new Facebook contest rules!), I’m having a contest to win a free box filled with Maui Goodies – including shipping anywhere in the United States!

First: The Rules!

It’s a simple, two-step process!  The quick version : Add a comment below with your FAVE Maui product, and ‘Like’ the Maui Made page on Facebook.

Still have questions? Read on –

In any order – ‘Like’ the Maui Made Facebook Page (if you haven’t already), and leave a comment on this post with your favorite Maui Made product (or, which product you think you’d love the most…) Make sure you leave your correct email address when you fill out the comment so I can notify you if you win!  Your email will not be used for any other purpose!

Bonus points: ‘Share’ Maui Made with your Facebook friends, and follow Maui Made on Pinterest!

Second: The Goodies!

Queen Bee Productions Lavender Facial Toner (4oz)  and Honey Citrus Facial Cleanser (4 oz)

Pono Infusions Wai Blend (a caffeine-free mint and berry tea/infusion)

Hula Cookies assorted cookies in a tin (tin may or may not look like this one)

Box Eleven Business Card Holder, Ear Bud Wrappers and Note Card

Happy Honu Maui two java lavalava coffee cup sleeves and postcards, including ‘Keep Calm and Aloha On’

Maui Fruit Jewels selected pieces (not pictured) – A whole post on Maui Fruit Jewels will be coming soon, but here’s a quick preview :  A new line of very special fruit paste confections – made with the fantastic bounties of Maui.

and ??? (may be some surprises thrown in!!!)

I’ll be picking up the food items prior to sending out the package (don’t trust food to not be eaten in this house!)

Valued at over $150!!!

Good Luck!  And a HUGE Mahalo to all of the above companies for donating these amazing prizes!  

Winner will be picked September 13th (FRIDAY!) Are you feeling lucky?  Contest Winner will be announced on the Facebook page and will be emailed directly- but check back just in case!

Just like the rest of this blog, many of these items are actually handmade on Maui, while some are made off-island, but created and designed by Maui-based businesses.  Each product featured on Maui Made is unique and exceptional- just like Maui!


Comments on: "Giveaway Contest! Win a box of Maui Goodies!" (39)

  1. Tiffany Canonigo said:

    My favorite Maui product is the Kai blend from Pono Infusion, iced and infused with fresh fruit.

  2. Jessie Beile said:

    I love Maui Coffee.

  3. Oooooh, tough to pick a fave … they’re all such fabulous prizes! I’ll go with the Box Eleven items. I could really use a cute business card holder, and plus, my favorite number is eleven. 😉 Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway, Liz, and mahalo to all the generous sponsors! ❤

  4. So many favorite however if I have and can only say one Hula Cookies

  5. Kristin said:

    Anything made by Rockabella Jewels. Her pieces are gorgeous!

  6. Hi–shucks, I never sent you the two books I promised. I’m still on the mainland, so it’s probably too late. Sorry about that!   Aloha, Jill Engledow   

    • Aloha Jill – I’m planning to do more giveaways in the future – so you can send the books at any time!
      Hope your travels are going well –

  7. Stephanie said:

    I’ve never tried the Pono Infusions, but I bet it’s delicious!

  8. You know it’s the Pono Infusions for me!!!

  9. I can’t pick a favorite either – it’s a great collection of goodies!

  10. Kelly said:

    I want to try them all!!!!

  11. Taryn Wagner said:

    Representing the big island I would LOVE to sample EVERYTHING! Mahalo!

  12. M. Franco said:

    I love Queen Bee Citrus Facial Cleanser! If you haven’t tried it you need too!!!!

  13. Lydia Maldonado said:

    I love Maui!!!!! One of my favorite place in the world 🙂 I like queen bee productions

  14. Keiko Hatakeda said:

    Love anything from Hawaii ~ I would love to try the Maui Fruit Jewels!!!!

  15. Yvette Kurokawa said:

    It all looks really good, hard to choose – but I think that I would like to try the Queen Bee Productions (products)

  16. They all look great! I’d love to try the tea. 🙂

  17. Jessica Tolman said:

    Although I live on Maui.. I would love to try your selection of products. Especially hula cookies!!

  18. Francine Rindlisbacher said:

    Hula Cookies are the best!

  19. Shanna said:

    The Hula cookies !!

  20. EdlaoDuane said:

    I already love the Hawaiian fruit jewels!! I hope I win so I can have little treasures from home , mahalo. I

  21. Marie said:

    Hula cookies!!

  22. Marcy Edgar said:

    Hula cookies da best!!!

  23. Holly Stephens said:

    I would love to try the fruit jewels! I love anything from Maui!

  24. Diana said:

    BlueJane Maui pillows

  25. Carol barrientos said:

    Happy honey Maui! My hubby and I love coffee and we love Maui!

  26. I just got to try a Queen Bee product and I’m a fan now.

  27. faauliulito aka ~Miss To~ said:

    I LOVE Hula Cookies :)… Thank you!

  28. I would thoroughly enjoy some lavender facial toner right now! 🙂

  29. Katherine said:

    I want everything on here!

  30. Sophie said:

    I want a Happy Honu Maui coffee sleeve for sure! That would make every morning a little brighter! The prints and colors are so fun, tropical, bright and happy:)

  31. Maxi Moss said:

    I love ANYTHING from Ono Gelato! Love their delicious, creamy tropical fruit flavors! Oooono!

  32. I like the Queen Bee Productions skin products!!

  33. Hula Cookies are Pono!
    Aloha ❤

  34. Michelle said:

    My favorite Maui Made product is the Pandeia sundial watches. They are unique and beautiful!

  35. Karen Gonzalez said:

    The Hula Cookies! Yummy!

  36. alicia said:

    Queen Bee Citrus Cleanser!!

  37. Kopa Haiku Bath and Body makes the best lotion. I love the scents and the lotion is rich and moisturizing. I bring these as gifts to my friends on the mainland every time I travel.

  38. I love Sweet Paradise Chocolates, Piliani Kope Coffee and AKL Lavendar Essential Oil. I’t hard to pick one.

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