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Tropical Storm Flossie is heading towards Maui tomorrow – but these tips go for anytime there is rain on Maui (which luckily, is rare).

Tips for Enjoying Maui in the Rain – Safely


Maui Ocean Center is a great activity during the rain – most of the exhibits are indoors.  Here’s a tip: The aquarium opens at 9am.  During my many years of working there, the lines during rainy days wouldn’t extend the front gate until 10:30 or 11am.  Get there early to avoid the lines and crowds.  Or, go late.  (If you are reading this in regards to Tropical Storm Flossie) – It’s July, so it’s still open until 6pm. It takes around 2 hours, so arriving at 3 or 4 is still OK.  If you need more time, you can always upgrade that day to a week pass)

There’s also the usual malls and movies.  Lahaina Cannery Mall is completely enclosed (Maui’s only) – the other ones are open air- and I know from experience, the floors at The Shops at Wailea are slippery.

And while you are at Lahaina Cannery Mall – grab some games and toys from Maui Toy Works- which also has a brand new location at Pioneer Square on Front Street and at Whaler’s Village.  Personal fave: Spot it! the card game.

There’s also lots of great spas and salons – maybe time for a massage or facial?


And now for the safety tips- and these go for any rain activity, not just a storm:  (now i’m starting to sound like a mother, which I am, so here goes)

maui waterfall dangers in the rain tips

Rain forecasts of 6-10 inches could make this waterfall dangerous

Stay WELL away from streams and waterfalls.  Even if its not raining where you are, if its raining up the mountain, the stream could be building up and torrents of rain could come down at any time. With rocks.  It would be bad.

Don’t cross flowing water, by foot or by car : this tip goes for anywhere, but is worth a reminder.

The storm is expected to bring big waves, so stay away from the beaches… always check with the lifeguards first.  No lifeguard?  Find a beach that has one, if you have any doubt.

maui rain tips things to do hawaii

This waterfall has a warning sign – most don’t

Even after the rains – Stay out of the ocean if its murky or there’s debris floating.   I’m just going to say it: dead animals could get washed down the stream, attracting sharks.  But, even if you don’t believe me about dead animals and sharks, there could be bacteria in the water… Just stay out of the water until its clear.

What’s your favorite activity in the rain on Maui?

maui ocean advisories

Big Waves, Runoff- not a good time to go to the beach

Any other safety tips to add?

Comments on: "Tips for enjoying Maui in the Rain – Safely" (7)

  1. my favorite rainy day activity? sitting on the lanai and reading a book 🙂 stay safe tomorrow during #flossie!

    • Mahalo! Kind of looking forward to rain – we can use it, and hope the electricity stays on so we can bake and make soup! stay safe everyone –

  2. Updates: Closed Monday, July 29 – Capishe? for Dinner service
    Sophie Grace in Paia (jewelry store)
    HUE in Kahului (now – noon)
    All county parks and offices…

    2pm update: Old Lahaina Luau closed for tonight

  3. I love the occasional rainy day–granted, everyone stays safe–and enjoy curling up with a good book, writing, and watching movies. Thanks for this post, and I hope you get to do lots of baking and soup making. 🙂

    • homemade pizza for dinner! we’ve been playing soccer in the backyard when the rain breaks, but looks like the rain may be starting to roll in – movie time!

  4. Hope you guys all stay safe during the storm! I work for a company out there, and I heard about it Flossie too…great entry by the way!

  5. Thanks! Some of the other ‘Hawaii Rain Activity posts I read were horrible – encouraging people to drive to Hana and check out the raging waterfalls from up close… i realize they probably weren’t talking about an actual storm, but still.

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