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Since the inception of this blog I’ve written a whopping 20 posts.  Twenty? I know, it seems like so much more… And every single day there is one post at the top of my ‘top views’ page – Pandeia.  I knew it would be popular, but – wow.  So, I figured it would be time to check in with Kelsi and see what’s new with Pandeia.

The biggest news is that Pandeia is currently available for sale on the trendy/boho/indie chic and was featured in this Steampunk Nomad Collection :

Pandeia Steampunk Nomad Free People Collection

The first order sold out in 2 days (! ) – and Kelsi is currently making more watches to fulfill the next order.

Pandeia was also featured on the ‘slow fashion’ blog The Valente , which loved Pandeia and my blog post so much that they shared it with all their readers as well!  

Other news is the new Concrete Jungle’ lookbook/photoshoot :

The city style adventures of two best friends exploring the Big Apple in their colorful Pandeia watches.  Explore New York City & discover the new colorful strap options.

Pandeia Color Band Options

Don’t you just love these new color options?

Pandeia Concrete Jungle Flowers Colors Bands Watch New York

While exploring the new lookbook, the other lookbooks caught my eye- especially this one! Washed Ashore

A bohemian inspired shoot of two beach babes who discover a treasure trunk full of Pandeia watches that washed ashore.

Pandeia Shipwreck Treasure Chest Shoot

There is also a fun The Road Less Traveled shoot:

Two road-warrior love birds hit the road in style. They head for the highway in their VW van equipped with instruments, Pandeia watches and a drooling guard dog.  Shot in Australia, this shoot inspires you to start packing and hit the open road.

Australia VW Camper Bus Shoot

And for more of the images from the previous post, you can check out Peace, Love & Pandeia -Part 1 and Part 2

A day in the life of a Pandeia explorer.  Shot in Kula, atop the mystical Haleakala Mountain, home of Pandeia Studio.

And today, Kelsi is headed out for yet another shoot (can’t WAIT to see the results from this one) and she shared this sneak peek/behind the scenes shot:

A Behind the Scenes Pic from the next photo shoot

And lastly : HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELSI!  Thanks for all of your support with my blog project and may this next year be the best yet!!!

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