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Wicked Ono Handmade Bag Made on Maui hawaii

Wicked: New England slang for ‘really’, ‘very’
Ono: Hawaiian for ‘delicious’

Put them together and what do you get?    Wicked Ono  – Really cool upcycled bags, handmade here on Maui by Andrea Jacobs.

Andrea picked up her first bag from a coffee shop on Maui and made a messenger bag from it. After so many requests for the bag she knew she was on to something. Wicked Ono bags are available in a wide variety of sizes from clutches to large totes, each a one-of-a-kind design, made with burlap coffee bags and thrifted fabrics and hardware.

Maui Made: Tell me a bit more about your Wicked Ono bags – 
Andrea Jacobs : I fell in love with coffee bean bags…the texture of the burlap, the graphics and the history of the Hawaii coffee farms.  I found a coffee roaster up country that supplies the bags. The owner has a great eye and pulls the best ones for me. The straps, hardware and when possible fabric for the bag’s lining come from thrift stores.

MM: What are your favorite thrift shops on Maui?
AJ: I think all the thrift stores on the island are wonderful, and any thing that helps others and is less in our landfill, is a win win. The turn over of goods in the thrift stores here is amazing.. you never know what you will find. I like thrift stores that benefit the island community. Salvation Army and Goodwill are my frequent shops. I use all that I can from the used bags, straps, handles, zippers and Velcro.

MM: What’s your most popular style of bag?
AJ: The most popular bags are the DaKine Tote and the Small Messenger. I do make “Special Edition” bags. Those come about as an inspiration using an unique coffee bean bag and interesting hardware I have found.  For the most part each bag is an one of a kind, each have their own personality.

MM: How long have you been sewing?
AJ: I have been sewing my whole life, my dad came home with a machine when I was 12. I am pretty self taught with the guidance along the way by some talented seamstresses.

MM: Where can people find your bags?
AJ: I have some bags up in Makawao at Zforrest (next to Makawao Steak House) and I’m currently redesigning my online shop, so people can contact me directly through my website to see what’s available and place an order. I do made to order also.  (Click here to view the lookbook)

MM: Do you ever go to the craft fairs?
Wicked Ono has done local craft fairs and is on break from the Maui Swap Meet.

MM: You are from Boston, how did you get out to Maui? Do you ever miss the East Coast?
AJ: My husband, Allen and I vacationed her for many years and as most people fell in love with the island. We fantasized about living here….we were growing tired of the hustle and bustle of city life and made the jump. We settled in very easy, embracing the aloha life style. Allen returns to Boston a few times a year for business but I have not. I stay connected via internet with friends and family, but no longing to head back for a visit.

Three Da Kine Totes

Mahalo to Andrea for showing us her beautiful creations!  

Which Wicked Ono bag would YOU tote around?  

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